I have had a lot of people come to me asking what in addition to exercise do they need to do to slim the pounds.  Everyday seems to present a new answer with the discovery new miracle foods and the new perfect blend of scientifically enhanced suppliments.  I usually try each new break through that I hear of or read about, mainly out of curiosity, then brag about it to my friends in passing.

There are several things that I can speak on that seem to work, but one odd thing that I happened on by the research of my wife was apple cider vinegar.  Can apple cider vinegar actually aid in weight loss?

Most modern research indicates that yes apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss, but the key word is aid.  You will not be losing pounds simply by drinking vinegar on a regular basis.  The direct weight loss achieved from such will be minuscule.  However, apple cider vinegar has so many other benefits that it is certainly worth a try.


Your digestion and metabolism are interrelated.  The healthier one is, the more likely the other will benefit from it.  So if you’re having trouble with you digestive system, it can slow your metabolism making it much more difficult to lose weight.  So, consuming apple cider vinegar may not directly influence weight loss, but it is safe to say that indirectly it can definitely help.

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What Vinegar does is increase the acid level in your stomach.  You need these acids to break down food.  By consuming apple cider vinegar you help to keep your stomach working the way it was intended.  On top of that it reduces heart burn, gas, relieves constipation, and on and on, there is a plethora of different benefits that come from consuming apple cider vinegar.  I have even seen where it can be used to reduce dandruff.

When considering buying a bottle of vinegar, spend the extra penny and get the good stuff, it will be worth it.  Get as close to organic as you can and try to get a bottle that reads that it contains the “mother.”  I am not sure as to the origin of this word but it refers to all the sediment that is filtered out of more commercial brands.

So, how do you consume it?  Most people find that taking a table spoon of it straight is a little hard to stomach and that is stings the taste buds, but it is doable if you can stand it.  You can also put the vinegar into water or tea possibly accompanied by a sweetener such as honey.

I am sure you can even use it on salads.  If you are trying to get rid of heartburn, then you must take it as the symptoms start.  I have personal experience with this As the vinegar goes down, it burns, but about 45 seconds later, my heartburn does indeed go away.

So here is what I recommend.  Take between one and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day for common health benefits.  As your digestive system becomes healthier, you may experience weight loss due to a better functioning metabolism. After all, health is our main goal.  Don’t forget to do the work and exercise as well.  There are no quick fixes in a positive lifestyle change.

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