Body wrapping has for some time been an weight loss or slimming technique (or fad) that has gained a huge following and made lots of money for spas.

If you follow any fitness, beauty or weight loss related Instagram accounts or have the misfortune of watching too much watch daytime TV, you’ve noticed that these wraps have been gaining a lot of momentum as the “next best thing” to trim you down.


And some of what they say is true. There is some validity to this ‘slimming effect’ in the very short term, but it’s not much more than a brief illusion and it certainly doesn’t produce long term results.

Why wrap up?

The idea behind these wraps came about years ago as a way to lose water weight quickly through perspiration (eg. Sauna suits) to drop weight and slim up.

Their resurgence has been brought about by claiming that you can wrap a certain area (stomach, thighs, etc.) to slim just one area, instead of the whole body.

This is due to the fact that the inches lost come directly from removing water from the wrapped area.

This quick trick does tend to work, but for an extremely brief period of time; as soon as you rehydrate or eat again, the effects of the wrapping are lost. And all you have done is pay good money for a ‘result’ that was fleeting at best. But even that seems inticing enough for people as they still line uo to wrap up!

Body wraps for weight loss

Most people who pursue this kind of treatment and are rather more fixated on quick results rather than anything truly effective and lasting, are likely to be those firmly focussed on fat loss. Which makes this rather ironic as, when it comes to stripping fat, body wraps have absolutely zero effect.

The loss of fat cells and the alteration of fat cell size is what makes the change in actual long term slimming appearance.

body wraps for weight loss_2Some wrap companies and websites will claim that there are certain creams that can be applied under the wraps to help stimulate fat loss, but these claims are way off base.

So what’s the answer?

It may seem simple, but proper diet and exercise really is the only solution to trimming down and keeping the results. A combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning will help jolt your metabolism to burn more calories.

Building muscle through weight training helps burn more calories throughout the day while doing nothing at all.

How to gain results

Meanwhile, metabolic conditioning ramps up calorie burning from exercise (and can increase calorie burning for a several hours post­ exercise).

Combining this exercise with a diet containing the correct amount of each macronutrient (protein, fat, carbs) will help you reach your ultimate goal,and keep your results for the long term.

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