It is winter time, but not for their bodies. They make sure to be ready to show off their hot bikini bodies anytime of the year. To be in fantastic shape for them means diet and fitness are the lifestyle. People watch them and are inspired by them.

Celebrities – what do they do to have bikini body every day a year?

Many famous women have been showing off their fabulous figures this year already. This is proof their amazing shapes are not only a result of their resolutions in the Year 2015 but they are resolutions of their hard daily work.


What do they eat, how do they train? Millions of women worldwide ask these same questions. What are celebrities’ secrets to keep fantastic smoking hot body for years? Today you can find it out.

Miranda Kerr

Girl walking barefoot on the beach

Miranda Kerr looks toned in this cute bikini costume. But her training regime is not cute at all. She wakes up 5 mornings a week at sunrise to do 60-90 minutes of yoga.

Yoga increases her strength and flexibility and gives her positive energy every day. She also drinks a lot of water, especially when she is on the beach and sweats in the sun. That keeps her well hydrated and helps her look young.

Courteney Cox

best bikini bodies3

Courteney Cox does not lose her sexy toned body with age. She still has an amazing figure that looks 20 years younger. How does she do it? She does intense stationary bike workouts at least 3 times a week followed by 15 minutes ab exercises.

And whenever she has a chance she goes for a boxing class to burn extra calories and release stress.  And she avoids salty, fatty food. It really works for her.

Jessica Alba

best bikini bodies4

Jessica Alba looks as if time has stopped for her body. Her body always looks seriously hot. This is because of High Intensity Interval training. Sometimes she does intervals on cardio machines but what she particularly loves is tabata.

She does it even on the beach. She always makes sure to eat good healthy food but most of all she avoids alcohol, which is number 1 enemy for your body.

Katie Cassidy

best bikini bodies5

Who would not like to have Katie’s Cassidy abs? Everybody would. So now who would like to train as hard as she does? This is the hardest part. She swims twice a week and lifts heavy weights too. Lots of walking lunges, push ups and she can do few pull ups too. And on the end of her Abs training routine.

She also keeps her diet clean, eats fish 5 times a week with steamed vegetables and drinks freshly squeezed green vegetables juice, which gives her the much needed antioxidants that her body needs to fight free radicals.

Melanie Sykes

best bikini bodies6

One of the biggest 2015’s bikini body inspirations is Melanie Sykes. She is not only slim but well-toned up. She loves working out hard. The more she sweats in bootcamp classes the happier she is.

When she cannot fit the class into her busy schedule she does sprints. Only 20 minutes sprints on and off can bring fantastic results. She also eats 5 times a day; this is why her metabolism is up all the time.

Megan Fox

best bikini bodies7

Gym bunny Megan Fox showed off her bikini body on the beach in Cabo in San Luco few weeks ago. She is not afraid of heavy weights which help her burn more body fat. She even trains on holidays as she loves it and this is her lifestyle.

She also eats lots of vegetables and low-glycaemic fruits together with lean protein. Strict diet and training regime pay off.

Brooklyn Decker

best bikini bodies8

Brooklyn Decker never skips breakfast and she does not forget to have heathy snacks between main meals to keep her metabolism up. And she loves Pilates – it keeps her tummy strong and flat.

Heidi Klum

Femail posing on the beach.

Heidi Klum shows that having children is not an excuse for not to train. She is a fan of Pilates classes she attends or trains at home with her children.

She also starts her day with a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon and lime, which cleans up her body from toxins and speeds up metabolism.

Michelle Keegan

Summer photo of young attractive brunette.

Michelle Keegan is plank Queen. You would not beat her in that Ab dominals shaping position. Plank and other toning exercises are a must for her. And she eats loads of fresh salads with a mountain of vegetables.

Bethenny Frankel

best bikini bodies11

Bethenny Frankel never skips her gym training and she makes sure she is in a gym 3 times a week. Her motto is ‘the heavier the better’. She eats protein, healthy low GI carbohydrates and healthy fats with every meal. She snacks on almond and walnuts, which are a great source of healthy fats.

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