What an awesome subject especially at this time of year when no doubt you’ve totally over indulged yourself over the last few weeks.

Parties, big heavy meals with family and friends, lots of heavy rich foods, pastries of all sorts savoury and sweet, alcohol, and of course your usual routine is probably totally up the spout as well.

All of these things have probably combined to make you feel very lethargic so your whole ‘system ‘ is out of sorts, you could also be suffering from indigestion, heartburn, constipation and of course tummy bloat


So here are three new tricks to beat the bloat and as happy side effect will also cure the other three Cool huh?

Ok so before you can beat the bloat you have to know what it is and what causes your tummy to bloat. Well very simply it is extra air. So my question to you firstly is how do you eat? Not such a silly question as it first appears.

Do you eat too quickly? Do you gulp your food? Do you generally eat ‘on the run’, in a hurry, at your desk, maybe standing up, if so then any one of those things bad habits can cause tummy bloat.

You need to be sitting down, not doing anything but enjoying the food, Eat slowly. Enjoy the taste and textures of the food. If you eat in a hurry and/ or while you’re doing other things you don’t notice what you’re eating and then it’s gone. And just as important is the fact that you are taking in air with each mouthful hence tummy bloat.

So slowing down will really help your tummy bloat. The upside to slowing down while you’re eating is that your body will get a chance to digest the food properly. This also has the advantage of eliminating heartburn and acid indigestion.

Also if you eat when you’re in a hurry or at your desk you’re not doing yourself any favours. Despite what you tell yourself, how urgent the reason you’re working while eating, you cannot work effectively without a break. In fact the opposite is true.

You need to be stopping and taking a break from your desk for 5 minutes every hour or so.You’ll come back refreshed and with a clearer head so that you can continue whatever project you were dealing with.

So stepping away from your desk for a 15-20 minute break to have a light lunch, even maybe go outside and actually get some fresh air too is so beneficial. It will also help with your stress levels.

Learning to chill out even for a few minutes will make you a more healthy, happier person. Of course if you don’t have a desk or you habitually eat while watching television or playing on the computer the same deal applies. You just need to take a break.

Far too many people eat mindlessly and in the end are unaware of the food they are eating. If you want to beat the bloat, don’t do it. OK?

3 new tricks to beat the bloat2

The second trick for you to beat the bloat is what type of food you’re eating. Did you know that as well as citrus fruit having Vitamin C and being very good for you anyway, citrus fruit can aid digestion and beat the bloat by keeping you ‘regular’.

So this time of year which is perfect for satsumas, clementines, and all sorts of variations of oranges are absolutely ideal for beating the bloat. And not just oranges, but lemons and grapefruits (pink grapefruit especially) absolutely wonderful for beating the bloat, and eliminating constipation. Delicious too. Give it a go.

The third and final new trick for beating the bloat, aiding digestion, eliminating indigestion and heartburn is what you drink and I don’t mean alcohol! I’m talking about beverages.

Drinking masses of coffee is bad for you. At the time it probably seems like a great idea. All that caffeine keeping you going. But the opposite I’m afraid is true. It builds up acid in your stomach which will cause the inevitable heartburn and acid indigestion. Even ‘regular’ tea has a great amount of tannin. So what you need to be drinking to beat the bloat is herb teas.

Nettle, fennel, lemon and ginger are all excellent beat the bloat beverages. They are ‘light’ which means they are easily digestible and will soothe rather than irritate your tummy linings.

So there you go. 3 new tricks to beat the bloat – eat slowly, enjoy your food, eat citrus fruits and drink herb teas. All will lead to a healthier constitution, no bloat and no indigestion

I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

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