Yesterday, in Part One I spoke about the most common weight loss blunders we’ve all made but should be avoided…

In this part of the article I’ll be continuing with more bad habits for weight loss you may be making and why they’re foiling your attempts to slim down.

3. Staying up extra late or getting up extra early to fit in your workouts:

Sleep is by far the most underrated way of easily losing and maintaining weight.

Staying up too late will un-balance the hormones, causing the body to store fat. This can and will become permanent over time!

Always make sure you finish exercising 4 hours before you intend to sleep. Otherwise the exercise will also impede a person’s ability to heal all areas of your body! Again, because we are primally wired, our bodies can’t tell the difference between exercising and running from a lion.

We need rest and repair just as much, if not more than we need exercise!

From 10pm to 2am is when we get all of the physical repair our bodies need. From 2am to 6am is when we get all of the mental and emotional rest our minds need. This does not happen at any other time outside of those hours. We must get adequate rest to lose weight and maintain our ideal weight!

If you stay up too late, your body WILL store fat, and this can become permanent over time.

Those who achieve an average six hours of sleep per night are 27% more likely to be overweight than those who sleep seven-nine hours; and those averaging five hours of sleep per night are 73% percent more likely to be overweight.

There are a number of things going on in your body that could contribute to weight gain as well as other ailments that result from hormonal imbalances due to sub-optimal sleeping patterns.

When it comes to storing fat, hormonal disturbances, specifically involving the hormones leptin and ghrelin can and will alter how your body deals with fat storage.

When you don’t get optimal sleep, your body has too little leptin and too much ghrelin.

Inadequate sleep impacts secretion of the signal hormones ghrelin, which increases appetite, and leptin, which indicates when the body is satiated. Not only that, sub-optimal sleep will raise your risk of developing obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease, etc.

4. Exercising incorrectly:

The human body is very adaptable. Many people find an exercise program that works for them, yielding desired results, and thus they continue performing this same program, while the body ends up slowing to a stop and sometimes even reversing all progress.

This is because the nervous system is constantly adapting to what we are putting our bodies through.

Not changing up the workout routine at least once every 4 weeks will send you very quickly into a plateau with your weight loss.

bad habits for weight loss_5It takes an average of 4 weeks for the body to adjust to a new exercise or routine. Neurologically, this keeps the brain and body guessing, boosting results to appear much more quickly than they otherwise would have!

This leads me to the ever so common topic of over training

Over training is when we do not have enough rest to accommodate for the amount of energy we are spending working out.

Rest should be more than 50% of a good exercise program, because it’s while we are resting that our metabolism is working, and when our muscles should be growing.

Not only that, but we require an adequate amount of rest to nourish our nervous systems, which have a direct physiological relationship with our hormonal system, and thus our goals, whether they be health or appearance.

It is a wonderful tool to trick the mind neurologically by lifting unusual items such as sandbags, rocks, logs, etc. This constantly keeps the brain and muscles firing, again yielding results at a much faster pace than otherwise anticipated!


The one word that most of us either love to hate or hate to love.

Cardio – the way most people perform it now, is completely unnecessary and can send the body backwards, causing muscle atrophy (wasting) instead of hypertrophy (growth).

The absolute best kind of cardio routine for anyone trying to cut excess fat while keeping and continuing to grow muscle is whats known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is where moderate and high intensity levels alternate during a very short workout time.

It has been shown to burn adipose tissue (fat) 50% faster than any low or continued intensity cardio workout, and also speeds up the metabolism!

5. Diet or weight loss pills:

There are a ton of diet and weight loss pills on the market today that promise a fast and easy solution to quick weight loss. The truth is, this is at a very serious cost to your health, and the risk of taking these products, far outweighs any benefit!

Research and evidence have shown that the use of these products increase the probability of having a heart attack and / or stroke.

They can cause severe damage to many internal organs, especially the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver.

There have been documented cases of someone requiring a liver transplant, as well as causing jaundice, hepatitis and also death!

The pills are full of dangerous chemicals that negatively alter the body’s system and processes. weight loss habits to avoid_2Not only that, they cause negative side effects such as:

– Increased heart rate
– Dehydration
– High blood pressure
– Agitation
– Diarrhea
– Sleeplessness
– Kidney problems
– Liver damage
– Rectal bleeding and more…

In general, diet and weight loss pills are best avoided at all costs, and are even unnecessary when proper methods for losing excess fat weight are used!

With just a few small adjustments to your lifestyle over time, you can and will reach your goals much faster than you’d ever thought possible, in a much easier way!

Reach your goals in the smarter, not harder way!

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