Most days the average person, has over 60,000 thoughts running through their head! The stunning fact about this is that 95% of those thoughts are the same from the previous day which leaves us with only 5% for new creative thoughts.


If this wasn’t bad enough, on average, 80% of those habitual thoughts are negative! But the organised mind is a very powerful tool and one we can all benefit from.

So how do we organise our thoughts?

Our thoughts are controlled by our mind, which has three levels to it: conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind.

The Conscious Mind

This is your awareness in the present moment. It communicates to the outside world and the inner self through speech, pictures, writing, physical movement, and thought. For example, you are aware of your environment, your breathing, or that you are reading this article.

The Subconscious Mind

This consists of accessible information. You can become aware of this information once you direct your attention to it. Think of this as memory recall. You can easily bring to consciousness the subconscious information about something that happened last week.

Your subconscious mind is an unquestioning servant that works day and night to make your behaviours fit the patterns consistent with your emotionalized thoughts, hopes and desires.

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About 90% of our thoughts stem from the subconscious. When you walk down the street you do not think about breathing or the steps you are taking, this is all automatic and pre-programmed based on past experiences.

The Unconscious Mind

This consists of the primitive, instinctual drivers, as well as the information that we cannot access. Although our behaviours might indicate the unconscious forces that drive them, we don’t have easy access to the information stored in the unconscious mind.

During our lifetime, we acquired countless memories and experiences that have formed who we are today. However, we cannot recall most of those memories. They are unconscious forces (beliefs, patterns, behaviours) that play out in the now, unbeknown to us.

Now, it’s possible that some of what is unconscious, can become subconscious and therefore conscious (e.g. a long-forgotten childhood memory suddenly emerges after decades). Whereas some of our unconscious memories need a strong, specific trigger to bring them to the level of consciousness, such as hypnotherapy or coaching.

So how do we become more conscious of our thoughts?

I’ll use the analogy of a nightclub. Imagine your subconscious thoughts and beliefs like the VIP entrance. Your name is down, so you automatically get in. Whereas your conscious mind is like the bouncer, that scans what you are wearing, how you look and decides whether you fit with what the club wants to have as one of its customers that night.

So in order to become more conscious and therefore change your thoughts to match the dreams and desires that you’re trying to create in your life, you need to become mindful of what your sub-conscious mind is feeding you.

The power of meditation

Because so much of what we think is automatic, we have to learn to slow down and become the bouncer and learn to observe and watch our thoughts. Two ways of doing this are through meditation and journaling. Through meditation we slow our body and mind down so that we have an awareness of what is happening in our minds, thereby becoming conscious of what our subconscious mind is feeding us.

Journaling then allows us to take those thoughts and write them down, so that now we are able to see what it is that is playing out in your mind by having it right in front of us. By applying these two consistently, you start to notice the thoughts that can trigger trouble in your nightclub, and the thoughts create an amazing night in your nightclub and over time choose, which thoughts to let in and which ones not too.

If you want an organised mind, learn to become the bouncer of your mind and gain a reputation of being one of the best nightclubs in town that only has the best thoughts on its VIP list!

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