In Part 1 we started to look at what you body really needs to ensure you reach your fitness goals. Not just basic repetitive rules, but thorough mind and body tips and requirements that will ensure you reach the next level.

Here we conclude by looking at further ways and means that will prevent the plateau, an increasingly unresponsive body and dwindling interest. 


Vary your training program. No variety equals fewer results!

Too much of the same thing becomes good for nothing! Diminishing returns are your lot when you do the same thing over and over. Your body is intelligent and will just ignore you and your workout after a while. You must always give your body something new to do to get a new result.

At specific intervals change your training in line with your goal. Any program that is worth following will have some form or progression which should have changes of routine, exercise and rest periods.

Rest and Relaxation (R&R) – You need it!

R&R is possibly the most under-utilized and most misunderstood element in training these days. The rise of the 24hr gym, fitness DVD’s and self-promoting coaches on YouTube are leading people to believe more is more. Not so!

There is no need to be in gym every day for hours on end unless you’re working there. In most cases it’s counterproductive.  Most of our bodily development and replenishment takes place when our body is at rest. Research has given us a figure of an average 8hrs sleep per day. The reality is you may need more after a heavy weight session or high intensity training.

The more active you are, the more waste products will be produced by the body. R&R allows the body to discharge waste from the body leaving it ready to do it all again.

Try to involve things like meditation for the mind. massage, steam rooms and sauna for the body. A well-constructed detox program, as well as yoga and praying can have a spiritual effect in unifying your operating system to relax you and recruit confidence.

Food and Supplement Management

Some people’s problems are not what they eat, it’s how much and when they east. Learning about the nutritional value and effects of ingredients in food is probably the single most important part of building your body. You’ve heard the term ‘you get out what you put in’ or, ‘you are what you eat’. Food is not just there to taste nice, it’s fuel for function, its medicine for healing and it’s what helps keeps the main organs functioning.

Understanding, knowing and applying correct food management will increase results 10-fold. Consuming a balanced diet should be standard, however to take your body to the next level you will need to consider bespoke food management. Do this by starting to learn about the ingredients in food and food groups. Start tweaking the areas of lack with supplements or new foods.

If this is sounds like too much for you, then you can pay a personal trainer or dietitian to help you.foodstrengthExamine Your Lifestyle

Whatever your profession, your home life and social life should be considered when building your body. If you drink or smoke this could have potential impact on your health. In addition to R&R try to engage in positive mental activities as well as physical ones. The mind in this time will play a key part in your life choices and thus will affect your bodybuilding regime. Whatever you enjoy as person in your nonprofessional or exercise time, make sure it’s something that will push your life in a positive direction.

Habits and addictions will always place you in the negative part of the mind. Emotions affect us all but Managing them and things that affect them are just as important and should be managed in the same way you would manage any other vital area of life.

This Quote from “” David Robson an active martial artist, bodybuilder and accredited personal trainer says,

‘Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.’ {REF Google},

Sums it up perfectly! So now that you have at least seven rules that help to achieve building your perfect body, you should find yourself on the right track to self-improvement and physical development. To connect with me for more on this topic, submit a proposal or follow me on my social links contact me here through my profile page.

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