How much of our lives is spent waiting around for a few minutes? Little moments in time that are too brief to do anything hugely meaningful, so we just wait…

These moments over a day, a week, a month, a year represent a vast combined period of inertia. Ultimately hours, weeks and months of life.

Are we making the most of this time? Absolutely not.

What am I talking about? Examples might be waiting for the microwave to ping, hanging around while the kettle boils and, my personal bane of life, TV adverts

Life wasting moments…

If you are watching commercial channels (which let’s face it, in the UK, is everything except the BBC), you’ll be assailed with 20+ minutes of advertising every hour. That means if you can sit through a three-hour film, you will have had your senses dulled by an entire 60 minutes of adverts which, at best amuse for the first couple of views, at worst, irritate beyond belief with each and every viewing.

But there is a way to offset this waste of life and turn it into a positive! (apart from recording and skipping to ads when watching later).

If you decide to take these short but regular windows of time and use them for an exercise activity it is incredible what you can fit into a day.

Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, bicep curls, shoulder presses and many others require nothing more than a minimum of space, your own bodyweight, a couple of dumbbells or kettlebells, maybe a skipping rope if you are so inclined – and you have everything you need.


It is an established fact that interval training is a massively effective weight loss and shape up method – short bursts of vigorous exercise followed by a short rest, then another burst of exercise. And with the gathering frequency of ad breaks in commercial programming, they pretty much lend themselves to HIIT!

Now all you need to do is make a commitment to pump out those push-ups or drop into those squats while the kettle boils or each time your movie or favourite sitcom grinds to a halt in favour of online betting, fast food and no-win-no-fee legal claims.

It all adds up

Those minutes while the kettle comes to the boil, while you boil your eggs, while television delivers its contractual obligations…

Think about it – four advert breaks an hour – a burst of push-ups/sit-ups/squats (to a number that suits your capabilities), or some dumbbell or kettlebell exercises with each arm… The maths is easy and the benefits over days and weeks will be genuine.

OK, you might not want always want to drop to the floor in the middle of a family movie and pound out a bunch of bodyweight exercises in front of a bemused wife/husband and children, however what better excuse to workout as a family and set some good habits in motion?

No more excuses!

Applying this approach means those ‘dead’ minutes during the day can actually be full of life and benefits. The oft heard excuse that I just don’t have time in the day for any exercise suddenly sounds a little weaker.

So a commercial TV showing of epics like Lord of the Rings or Titanic no longer need to test your stamina for advertising, they can help build your stamina and strength as serious workouts!

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