Okay, dance music devotees! We know how addicted you are to listening to dance music for your workouts. But it’s nearly Noel, so here are your top 5 Christmas song playlists.

Would you like to listen to Deck the Halls while working up a sweat?

Well, guess what? Now you can. Whether you ever wanted it or not, danc-ified Christmas song playlists are now available. Perhaps they can put you in the holiday spirit on a spin bike.


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What’s on the best Christmas song playlists?

Recently released on iTunes is “Christmas Workout.” If you download the whole thing you snag 30 tunes. These include dance music takes on traditional Christmas carols.

Nearly one-third of this compilation is formulaic dance music with little to offer. Some songs have “Christmas” in the title, like Christmas Running Music, and Christmas Song Gym Music, but when you give them a listen there’s no reason why they should appear on our Christmas song playlists.

Pick and choose your Christmas song playlists

With iTunes you get to pick and choose of course. The outlay for the whole mix of 90+ minutes at $8.99 is not pricy. Slap it on your favorite device and the carols arrive surrounded by filler. But you can get in a full workout with nuggets of Christmas tunes and never stop to change lists.

On the other hand the most five most popular downloads are “Deck the Halls” (123 bpm), “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (125 bpm), “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” (131 bpm, “Feliz Navidad”

 (125 bpm), and “We Three Kings” (88bpm).

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Watch carols while you workout

If you have a device that streams video, check out Christmas Dance Carol Remix2.

It’s creative, and you get to hear charming human voices and watch charming humans dancing.

It doesn’t take a degree in science to know that many people listen to music (or at least wear ear buds) while exercising. 

But you may not know that research has been done on the effects of music on exercise results.

Music affects both mood and energy levels. It also affects the results of exercise, encouraging you to stretch beyond what you might not otherwise attempted.

happy woman under the snow - how a christmas tune can affect your workout and mood

Use the beat to beat the burn

Dance music with it’s repetitive beat can become monotonous, but most people find music with a solid beat pulls them along through a workout.

Of course, if you like indulging yourself in sad moody music, save it for when you’re not working out.

Power lifting is a focused activity and music of any kind may not be a good accompaniment. If you’re new to cross fit, silence may be best until you’ve established familiarity with the routines.

So does adding some Christmas music to your workout playlist appeal to you? If you’re a traditionalist and prefer Handel to the Chipmunks, Christmas Workout is probably not going to do it for you. I get it. It’s not serious music. It follows predictable standard dance formulas.

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Spice up your workout

But here and there are moments worth a listen if not a few downloads. It all depends on what you like and whether you want to spice up your playlist with a bit of tradition. If you do, then a dip into the Christmas song playlists is worth a go.

People often make allowances for certain seasons. Santa Claus suits are not for everyone, but some people like expressing the holiday spirit by wearing one.
 We’re all for you enjoying the holidays your way!

Based on early returns at iTunes, the most popular downloads are recognisable Christmas songs. In fact, the two most popular songs were “Deck the Halls” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” So this audience wants Christmas song playlists with a dance beat, but also with traditional Christmas melodies.

If that appeals to you, now you have the opportunity. And we tracked it down for you.

So, tell us, which is your favorite Christmas song or remix – be it for a workout or not…


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