All you want to do is relax at Christmas, but then…


Oh no, it’s nearly Christmas. “I haven’t planned anything yet. Everyone is asking me what my plans are. What present should I buy for my partner? What should I cook for the Christmas dinner? What dress should I wear? I still have to send Christmas cards to my family, colleagues, friends…”. Stop and take a deep breath.


Come on, you should relax at Christmas. This is not the time to get stressed and upset. It is a time for families, friends and fun.

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Christmas should be a time of the year when people feel happy. It is a time of love and warmth, and giving and receiving. Social obligations should be a pleasure, not something to worry about.

This year attempt to relax at Christmas. Do things that you really enjoy. Things that you do not have time to do for the rest of the year. Attend the social events you really want to go to. Don’t feel you have to go to every party you are invited to – that will lead to certain burn out, but let your hair down and relax at Christmas time.

Relax at Christmas with your family

Spend quality time with people that are close to you. This could be close friends or family. Sometimes we moan about spending time with our families, but remember, they really want to see you, and once you are all together, the good times will roll.

Relax at Christmas and put some sparkle back into your relationship. Married or in a relationship? During the holidays put some time aside for each other. Maybe you can add some romance by watching a soppy movie together. Cook something at home together or go for a long walk. The message here is ‘make time for each other.’

You could also create a photo album with the most funny and important moments of your relationship – especially at the beginning of your relationship. Remember the very first dates, the awkward moments, the embarrassing misunderstandings. This can be a great time to look back, reflect and laugh.

Relax at Christmas through meditation

Try to meditate with your partner or to do a physical activity together. One idea is to light a candle, turn the lights down and then sit in silence, holding your partner’s hand. Play some relaxing music and just let go of the stress.

If you are single, Christmas can be a difficult time. But, you are not the only one. There are many people around you that are single, too! People that have just broken up, or who have chosen to be alone at this period of their life.

Enjoy being single during the holidays

There are many opportunities and options to meet other like-minded singletons and have a good time together. Join a physical activity class, start a new hobby, go along to social events with an open mind. Bear in mind that other people around you are in the same situation and are shy to take the first step and talk. Being single during Christmas is fun! You can plan anything you like and the good chance to try something new.

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If you have decided you want to spend time alone this festive season, that is also fine. Relax at Christmas in your own company. Make your own plans, maybe try something new. Think of something that you wanted to do for a long time, but you did not have the time to do. Or just kick back and watch a movie or read a book, listening to some Christmas songs. This is a chance for your mind and body to relax.

Use these Christmas holidays to de-stress, try new things, enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries for 2014. Merry Christmas everyone!


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