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Quick Curves

Get Kardashian Curves

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  • Ultimate results driven Plan
  • Intense but super effective
  • Sculpt that dream butt!
  • Cardio & weights workouts
Price: $2.99
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Try it! If you don't see any results in 30 days, it's FREE
(0 reviews)
Purchase with discount code
  • Ultimate results driven Plan
  • Intense but super effective
  • Sculpt that dream butt!
  • Cardio & weights workouts

How does it work?

Download the WatchFit app FREE from App Store or Google Play.

Inspired by the fixation with Kim Kardashian's butt!

This program is IDEAL if you are a busy woman where time is precious, but you want to really make some changes to your body shape.

NOT for the faint hearted!

This is ideal for someone who is going to the gym but seeing NO changes in their shape. This is a full-on plan requiring you to work out 2 x per day. You know what they say... no pain no gain!

But hey...You want RESULTS!

These are all high intensity sessions with minimal rest to keep your metabolic rate high, which means great fat burning during and after the session.

Two short workouts per day to be taken place at the gym. Morning cardio's and afternoon weight sessions. All workout are under 45 minutes.

What do you get in this 7 days plan?

  • A plan by a dream team of Experts!
  • A serious plan that requires commitment...
  • But delivers great results!
  • Cardio & resistance exercises
  • All designed to sculpt and deliver great shape and...
  • A great butt!

Real Results of people working
with WatchFit Experts

Chris - 50 years

Location: United Kingdom, London

Lost 45kg after the age of 50 and now competes and wins physique competitions and runs marathons

Mel - 32 years

Location: United Kingdom, London

Working with Pollyanna changed everything. I lost 13kg, got toned and have more energy than ever!

Try it! If you don't see any results in 30 days, it's FREE
Are you used to exercising but not seeing the progress you'd like? Are you keen to target your glutes and shape a great butt?

Use this Plan and let Laura & Barry Ash get you there.

Barry and Laura Ash

Health and Lifestyle coaches

We are Rock Solid – Barry and Laura Ash – Husband and wife super team! Everybody now a days seems to have a “busy” lifestyle. So how do you possibly fit in the time to eat healthy and exercise!? Thats where we come in. Our passion is to be able to create healthy lifestyle for everyone who says they don’t have the time…..

The direct correlation between having a healthy body and mind is something that is a very powerful asset to have in your life, which is something that not just our clients experience but of course personally too.

As Health and Fitness Coaches helping this industry we help people to live a life of balance. A healthy lifestyle, physically, and mentally. We are personal trainers, nutritionist specialists and body transformation coaches all rolled into one. We are specialist in what we do and have transformed our clients bodies, and lives through exercise, nutrition and mind set. Making our clients see that it can be done!

We believe in 3 key principles to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Exercise everyday
2. Eating the right food
3. The right Mindset

When all 3 of these work in harmony with each other you get balance, which equals a healthy lifestyle!

Rock Solid was born from our own personal experience with health and fitness. In 2009 Laura was diagnosed with a mental health disorder - Bi Polar and OCD. The combination of exercise, eating and discovering a good and healthy mind set combined helped her to manage her condition while living a healthy lifestyle. It was because of this combination and the control it gave her that caused Rock Solid to be born. To help others live a healthy lifestyle, feel confident, in control of their lives and empowered.

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