Getting that perfect body is most people’s aim. Your body is one of the greatest wonders of life. It is the showcase for your life, everything you do, or do not do, is written on your body. The way you look, the shape you are in, how you move – it is all the result of how you live your life. The question is “Do you love your body?” And if the answer is no, how can you go about getting your perfect body?

Giving your body a chance to look good

You must give your body the greatest chance of looking and feeling its best. And the beauty of it is, we can make changes to our body at any time. It is never too late to make our bodies look and feel better.


Think about the food you eat every day. What do you put in your mouth, what do you chew and swallow? Is it trash, is it junk or is it food and drink that will make your body glow and go! If you believe the saying “you are what you eat”, think about what goes into your mouth. Is it a diet that will give you the perfect body?

Society’s images

What do you think of when you picture junk food and bad diets? Is it fast food restaurants, or people stuffing food into their mouths while their XL clothes pop at the seams? But that is not always the way with bad diets. Sometimes the damage is being done on the inside. That slim, well-toned person who you think is the perfect shape could be eating a diet that is clogging his or her arteries. That very slim person may have just gorged a big cream cake and then rushed to the toilet to vomit it back up. That is as bad for the body as filling it with calories.

How the media portrays the perfect body

Of course, the media doesn’t help matters. We see images on screen of the bodies we want to have, but quite often these have been airbrushed or modified. That means that even for people like models, whose job means they have to stay slim, achieving the perfect body is a challenge too far.

What is the perfect body?

There is no such thing as a perfect body. Some people will like one thing – maybe shapely legs and a slender waist – others will prefer muscle and tone. For yet others, the perfect body is one that is healthy on the inside, clear lungs, clean arteries and a strong and healthy heart. But no matter what our view of the perfect body, what each of us can do is help our own bodies become better. Whether it is eating healthily to lose weight or exercising hard to tone our muscles, we are all capable of change for the better.


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