As the old year departs it is time to make your New Year resolutions. You want be beautiful and healthy by next summer, so it is time to make those New Year resolutions work.

But why do you have to wait for New Year? If you really want something, you don’t need to wait. It doesn’t matter whether it is the New Year or any time of the year. You can start in April, or September.

Keeping New Year’s resolutions

Unfortunately, most people will make a New Year’s resolution and two weeks later forget all about it.

Lose weight, quit smoking, stop drinking, do more sports – according to studies these were the most common New Year resolutions started by people in 2013.

A third of respondents claimed to have been successful in fulfilling their New Year’s vow. More than half of respondents considered themselves to have been less successful in fulfilling their pledge, more than a quarter of them just said admitted failure.

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What is the point of New Year’s resolutions?

Sociologists have suggested that the point of New Year’s resolutions is not so much about fulfilling the pledges made, but more about making the declaration of the intention to change.

As a regular gym-user, I have watched the same patterns develop over the years. What happens in the first week of January? Numbers quadrupled. By February the gyms are quiet again.

And where are those other new gym-goers by the third week? Yes, they are at home, watching the TV, gobbling the sandwiches, but just with light cola, because every day is still a diet, just without the exercise.

How can we change?

Everything is a habit. Your food, your sleeping, your clothes, your voice, your biorhythm.

Making just small changes in your habits is very difficult. You might be successful for a few days, but your mind will continue to fight with yourself. By the 28th day your mind and body are at war. Why? Because your body wants to have control. It wants to re-establish the  rhythms and return to the old habits. It’s just security. Your mind is very strong, get ready! This is not just a New Year’s resolution, this will be very difficult 28 days of conflict.

Some funny New Year resolutions:

1. If I exercise more, I can eat my favorite meal AND still buy new clothes
2. I’m going to run after the bus every day
3. I will drink less beer so I get equally-sized biceps and a firm lower abdomen
4. I will laugh more, because when I laugh I cannot eat
5. I am going to eat more chocolate because it takes my hunger away

Now seriously …  are you ready?But how? That is another topic, for another day. I’ll help for you!

Till that be ready, be strong, and keep to those weight loss New Year resolutions.


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