Many people often overeat if they rush meals or do not pay attention to how much they consume. Fortunately, there are several handy tips to help you slow down your eating and aid in digestion. First, drinking a large glass of water prior to eating helps to hydrate you so that food does not have to fill that void, as well as making you feel full even before you start eating. Then, eating more slowly and taking smaller bites helps to prolong the meal and let you digest as you eat, encouraging mindful eating and discouraging overeating. This idea also extends to the setting in which you eat. Eating in front of the TV or other distractions can often result in overeating because you are not paying attention to how much you consume. Making the food the focal point is key as it allows you to savor what you are eating and realize when you are full. Another trick is to eat spicier foods or add a little kick to your food with a bit of Tabasco, chili, hot pepper, or other spices. Several studies have shown that spicier food helps you to eat less than blander foods. Another common trick is to eat off of smaller plates to trick yourself into thinking you are eating more than you actually are and regulate portion sizes.


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