This year’s New Year resolutions are all about weight loss. It is now time to make this coming year the most important year of your entire life. Its doesn’t matter how great or how terrible it has been in the past, its time to make a lasting change.

This article will help motivate you to succeed with your New Year Resolutions for weight loss.

Making the same New Year resolutions?

Have you been making New Year resolutions to lose weight for more years than you care to count?  Maybe you started out with serious intentions by starving  yourself for a week or two after Christmas, before succumbing once more to those tempting cream cakes or chocolates. Then what?  You probably blamed yourself for a lack of will power or convinced yourself that there was plenty of time to get slimmer a bit closer to the holiday season, when those bulges would be more obvious in your beach wear.

When you last decided to make New Year resolutions to lose weight, did you try your favourite diet, the one that has never worked before, just once  more  – and found it still didn’t work?

There is a useful saying that goes : “If you always do what you’ve always done – you will always get what you’ve always got”  So… would  a diet that has failed countless times before, suddenly  do magical things for your body next time ?


healthy meal with vegetables

The secret to success is all in your mind and you can begin to harness its power NOW.

Follow these simple steps to lifelong success with your weight.  

Turn New Year resolutions into a lifestyle. Substitute dieting for lifelong weight control. You will not have to deny yourself any particular food BUT you will now limit the amount of it that you consume. From now on you will eat only to satisfy hunger and for nutrition. There is no place for reward, comfort or emotional eating. Find find other substitutes for those.  It is so much easier to limit your calorie intake than it is to burn off the excess from overeating through exercise.

– Note your current weight and your realistic target weight in two months time. Fairly small chunks of time make goal achievement manageable. A safe average weight reduction is around one kilo per week. Now hide your scales and instead, concentrate on noticing how your body feels as you progress week by week.

Begin to train your mind to work with you.

– Imagine you are standing in front of a mirror and you can see yourself as you intend to look in two months time (about eight kilos lighter). See yourself once again, wearing  a favourite outfit that you outgrew.  Make the image as big and bright and colourful as you can.

– Now imagine stepping into that image and becoming it from the inside right now, looking out through your own eyes, feeling great and looking great.

– Several times each day imagine your new self image and also hear your positive self talk. Your unconscious mind will understand your positive intention. You will have moved away from negative perceptions of yourself. What you imagine is what you will become. Another saying is: “whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you will be right.”  Our mind cannot distinguish between what we imagine and what is – so it will act on what we imagine and think.  Years ago this discovery changed the way athletes train. Now, visualising successful outcomes has become a crucial part training for success. 

Making weight loss the focus of your New Year resolutions

Before each meal

– Make a fist of your hand and remind yourself that it is about the same size as your stomach !  Start with a smaller plate and portion of food. Top up only if required to satisfy hunger.

– Eat more slowly, concentrating only on your meal, paying attention to taste, texture and smell. Reading or watching TV is a distraction. You will eat up to 30% more when distracted. You will be oblivious to changing sensations in your stomach, until suddenly you feel bloated from overeating. When you treat eating as an enjoyable experience, you will notice when you have moved from hungry to satisfied. Stop at that point.

 Are you tempted to snack when  you are not actually hungry

– See in your mind’s eye a a red traffic light or a road mender’s STOP sign

– Hear in your head a loud voice, your own or a chosen other, saying “STOP”

– You will not want to sabotage your positive intentions to control your weight.

 Plan for slips

Accept the fact that there will be occasional slips. These are not a cause for you to declare yourself a failure and an excuse to return to your old habits. They are merely slips. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue your adventure in becoming  a Happy New You!


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