You know the feeling: you’ve been on track all day when you walk past a bakery selling freshly baked cakes and croissants in the window. Your start feeling those sweet cravings… Just one couldn’t hurt right?

2 smells that kill sweet cravings

The good news is that often, these sweet cravings can be neutralized simply by smelling scents like vanilla or cocoa. If you get a craving for something sweet, there are vanilla patches which can go on the skin and work to vanquish cravings all day long, as you are constantly surrounded by the scent of vanilla. For this trick to work most effectively, natural vanilla and cocoa are best. At home, you can use cocoa or vanilla scented candles or aromatherapy for a more prolonged effect, if necessary. Vanilla especially has been proven to have a strong effect at curbing cravings for sweets and chocolate, by tricking your senses into thinking that craving has been satisfied and actually making you feel fuller.


how to stop sweet cravings

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