Is there a way to curb hunger urges while cutting calories?

You Bet!  Here are Five Simple Ways:

Hunger – a major cause of overeating, or eating the wrong thing for so many people trying to cut calories and increase exercise. You don’t have to take an appetite suppressant drug to make it through.  The great news is that there are some simple natural solutions to plan into your healthy lifestyle to keep that rumbling tummy quieter.


– Proper nutrition is not just a result of taking a multi-vitamin.  To control the appetite it is vital that your body feels satisfied far more than even your taste buds.  Eat foods as close to their whole, natural state (i.e., whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits (locally grown) whenever possible.  These contain complex carbohydrates and far more vitamins and minerals, protein and healthy fats.  Don’t eat highly processed foods containing chemicals, additives, refined flours and sugars or hydrogenated fats.

– After a night’s fast, break that fast within one hour of waking.  Now assuming you don’t skip eating all day because you’re “too busy” you will have a great deal more success eliminating hunger.  Remember that it actually increases your metabolism when you eat.  Starving yourself is not going to speed up the weight loss and, in fact, could slow it down.

– Don’t Mistake Hunger for What May be Thirst.  Often when you think you’re hungry you may actually be somewhat dehydrated and need water.  Many people don’t get their daily quota of water and especially during weight loss, pure, filtered water is a must for flushing out the system, with the added bonus of pushing hunger aside. These flavoured water ideas might help you increase your daily water intake!

– Peppermint Tea and Other Warm liquids are not only soothing to the tummy rumbling, but for many people tea is a comfort drink psychologically.  Now add the essential oil of peppermint with a little calorie-free stevia and watch your cravings and hunger go away!

– Acupressure Emergency Hunger Points:  The ancient art of acupressure, based on the 5,000 year old Chinese healing system of acupuncture, has much to teach us Westerners.  Learning about this amazing healing art would require a long article all to itself, but suffice it to say it has been a mainstay of the Chinese healthcare system for over 5,000 years.  Western doctors have been astonished when patients have undergone surgery without any anesthesia drugs and without pain, simply because of specific acupuncture needles place on their body in key points.

happy woman eating eclaire trying to control calories

So, here are the five easy points to help satisfy your hunger right away, along with a video demonstration :

1. Jaw point (appetite control point):  If you put your index fingers of both hands in front of your ears and open and close your mouth you should feel your jawbone moving.  Your fingers are really in front of that fleshy part of your ear you usually press on to stop loud sounds from entering your ear.  If you gently rub these points for about three minutes it will really help.

accupuncture points to control hunger naturally

2. Ear lobe point: beneath the earlobe where the lobe connects to the face is also a great appetite and hunger-relieving point.  Massage that point too for several minutes if the first doesn’t have fully do the job.

women's face, trying to satisfy hunger

3. Interestingly enough, between the upper lip and the nose there is a major point for appetite suppression: If you “pinch” your upper lip by putting your thumb under the upper lip (inside your mouth) and the index finger on the top of your lip under the nose you should be on the point.  Squeeze those two fingers together (not too hard) and massage for a few minutes to stimulate the point.

women's mouth and nose

4. Crease of the knee point:  Finally, here’s a great point for appetite control that is discreet, and can be done anywhere without drawing any attention to yourself.  Behind your knee (in the crease where it bends) find the center point (guestimate).  Massage for a few minutes.

woman massaging leg to help with hunger

5. Your palm has many acupressure points and it is always beneficial to massage your own hands.  Find the fleshy part of your palm below your thumb.  Massaging this stimulates the metabolism by stimulating the thyroid gland.  After three minutes move your fingers just a bit further along that fleshy pad going towards your wrist.  Keep massaging and this will stimulate your pancreas and help regulate the hormone insulin production.  Blood sugar is what insulin controls, and you don’t want your blood sugar to spike high nor plummet low.  Blood sugar spikes can create hunger pangs and especially for sweets.

accupuncture points on hand to help control hunger

So there you are!  If you really integrate these six tips into your days, hunger will be far less of a cause for temptation to eat too much or to eat the wrong foods.

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