So you have made a weight loss resolution for the New Year! A new year, a new you, perhaps a new membership to the gym! But with so many options out there, which gym is right for you?
You may have also tried before and are apprehensive due to not being successful previously. With a good diet and exercise plan, you can do it!

How to keep my weight loss resolution

Before rushing into a decision of whom best deserves your hard earned money, there are a few things to consider. Taking the time to consider these points now will help you remove some of the barriers that could cause you a problem further down the line. With a large number of new memberships, going unused from late February, considering these things now is well worth it to keep you on track.


Draw up a short list of options around your home, place of work, and during the commute between them. This is particularly important if time is going to be an issue for you.

Weight loss resolution goal setting – ‘What are my Goals?’

You don’t leave your house without knowing where you are going, so to the same ends you shouldn’t set foot inside a gym without knowing what you want to achieve. It is likely you will be signing up for a year at some gyms, so you need to understand where you expect to be in the long, medium and short term. Try to make SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound) goals, as these will be easier to track progress.

male personal trainer with a young woman, lifting weights - helping her keep her new year weight loss resolution

Time management

Time is often the biggest barrier to exercise. How many times have you heard, or said, “I just don’t have time to exercise”. If you really want to commit to a new you then you will be able to adjust your schedule.
Are you an early riser, or do you like to ride the snooze button in a morning before rushing off to work with little or no breakfast? Be realistic here if you want to stitch to your weight loss resolution.

Doing it alone?

How about going with a friend, partner or colleague? This can help with both moral support and help you agree to a fixed schedule. Nobody likes to let somebody down by cancelling last minute. You are more likely to keep up your resolution if you are sharing the experience, particularly if you are not feeling like it from time to time.


So with your list of smart goals, do you have the experience and knowledge of how to achieve them? Are you going to be looking for extra help from a Personal Trainer in the gym?
If you are put on the correct programme from day one, you will be surprised how quickly you will progress. As a PT myself, all of my clients have their programmes changed on a weekly basis to ensure that they are always working to their full potential. You should expect no less if you opt for additional help. Personal recommendation is your best course of action here. Talk to somebody, who has achieved their own weight loss resolution and achieved the results you are looking for, also ensuring you are being pushed every session.
Should you choose not to go the PT route at least do some research into training methods.

young woman, planning a weight loss program with a personal trainer

Facilities / Classes Available

Check out the classes available at your chosen locations. Are there any that you would like to attend? Is there usually space? Do they incur additional costs? Are they at the times you would like to exercise?

Corporate Discount

Find out through your company HR department if your company has a corporate discount for a local or national gym chain. If not, see if this could be set up. More and more companies now realise that a healthy workforce is a happier workforce.

So what are my gym options?

Having looked into what is currently available for 5 of the major national chains, the results are as follows:

LA Fitness – Currently offering a free 3-day membership. A great way to try before you buy to check out its suitability for meeting your needs. Monthly membership ranges from £33 for a designated club at anytime, to a freedom pass at £88

Fitness First – Also offering a try before you buy 1-day free pass to enable you to check out the facilities. Monthly membership starts with an off peak option at £30. Only a good option if you intend to exercise between 9am – 4pm weekdays or after 2pm at weekends. Full access to your home club would be £47 with an additional £25 for your induction.

David Lloyd Leisure – Unfortunately pricing information isn’t available online without booking a visit to the centre of your choice.

Virgin Active – No free passes for this option but the option of a monthly plan, at a higher rate. Monthly rate for annual membership £54, rolling monthly contract £65.

Nuffield Health – Another facility offering a free 1-day pass to check out the facility as well as a free health MOT. Unfortunately, there were no prices available online.

a well-equipped gym - a good prerequisite for keeping your weight loss resolution this year

When you are going around checking out these places, always go at the time you intend to use it, and make sure you check out those offering a free pass first before committing.
Remember to also checkout all of the extra costs that may apply before signing up as not all classes are free to attend.

Some extra weight loss resolution tips

Still not sure the options above are suitable for you?
Don’t forget to also checkout your local Leisure Centres, Hotels, boot camps or checking for a local Personal Trainer, as one of these options may better suit your requirements.

Whichever option you choose to help you with your New Year weight loss and fitness resolution, the Watchfit App and website is here to support you on your journey!  Follow the advice given, and do not let a lack of planning ruin your 2014 weight loss and fitness goals!


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