Instagram is a mecca for foodies everywhere. It provides a medium for people to share and find exciting new foods all around the world. But what is a foodie? Though the term foodie is a newly popularized term, its exact meaning is still unclear to many. Let me provide some clarification.

The dictionary defines a foodie as “a person with a particular interest in food”

I don’t necessarily care for this definition because of its ambiguity. Doesn’t everyone have a particular interest in food? Wouldn’t that make us all foodies?


Well, it’s so much more than that. Being a foodie means going far and wide for an enjoyable meal experience. It’s more than just food for fuel, it’s actually a food-fueled hobby. You’d be surprised how many people there are out there who make food their hobby. There are even sites designed for foodies to meet up. How cool is that.

Though we are all human beings who are naturally inclined to love food, the term foodie is reserved for those with a refined interest in unique, interesting and visually appealing foods.While you might be quick to dismiss these food hipsters- there are reasons, in fact, that being a foodie can be good for you.

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The term “diet” doesn’t exist in a foodie’s vocabulary

There is no regimen, no repetition, and no blandness. Exploration is the main virtue of foodie culture. It’s about stepping outside of your boundaries and experimenting with cuisines of all different cultures. You may not like Japanese soy noodles but hey, you tried them.

Foodies acknowledge the joy and satisfaction that comes from eating foods they love. However, being a foodie should not be misconstrued as someone who overconsumes food. Sure, there are some foodies that overeat and don’t honor their body. But it is possible to be an intuitive foodie.

An intuitive foodie eats the food that they want when they want.  An intuitive foodie honors their hunger and respects their fullness. Intuitive foodies engage in mindful eating, focusing on their plate and the food in front of them while they eat. They take pictures of it, they admire it. They’re not distracted by their phones or the television.

Sit down and try to eat a meal without any distractions

You might find it difficult; but you might find it more enjoyable. You’ll see that once you eat without distractions, you’ll eat until you’re comfortably full and you’ll likely stop there. This is the premise to intuitive eating. It’s so simple that people often forget it.

The entire basis of foodie culture is enjoying the food that you eat. Being a foodie means respecting your body, including your mind. It’s about understanding that what you consume can have an effect on you. Eat what’s right for your body most of the time while reserving time for yourself to indulge in the foods that make you happy. Making peace with food will lead to making peace with yourself.

So get out there, explore something new. Exciting foods are all around you. Try that new Thai restaurant or the Greek place on the corner. Order the seafood platter you’ve always wanted to try. You might find something you love.

Don’t know where to start? Click here for delicious healthy recipes AND to learn about intuitive eating.


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