Tooth decay is an issue that can strike us all to some degree or another as we go through life. And it is especially likely to afflict us as we age.

Perhaps the biggest misconception about this subject and something that most people are unaware of when it comes to tooth decay, and more importantly preventing it, is that it originates from the inside, not the outside.

Nutrition and dental care

Great and quite extensive research was done in the 1930’s by one of the leading founding fathers in Dentistry, a Dentist by the name of Weston A Price.

He was well known for his research and findings on the effects of nutrition on dental and physical health. He actually travelled the globe, studying the diets and nutrition of various different cultures.

His findings concluded that it was not until the impact of our western diets that tooth decay became prevalent.

What causes tooth decay_4Processed foods and sugars on teeth

Tribes that had zero processed foods or sugars in their diets, had virtually zero issues with tooth decay

Price found that from only one generation of the introduction of processed foods and sugars, tooth decay and even misshapen cranial structures became apparent in the people and their offspring of those that ingested these substances.

Here is predominantly how it works in a nutshell.

Our teeth, when seen under a microscope, are covered in hundreds of tiny tubules. These tubules are how the lymphatic flow in our bodies, the lymphatic drainage system, pushes the lymphatic fluid out of our teeth.

Absorbsion of chemicals

When we have too many processed foods, and predominantly processed or refined sugars in our bodies, the body will actually reverse the lymphatic flow in the teeth, and the teeth then begin sucking in, rather than flowing out, the chemicals and processed sugars from non-optimal foods.

What causes tooth decay_2As the teeth are then sucking all of this in, tooth decay becomes a real issue that many of us attempt to repair from the outside with various tooth pastes, etc.

The avoidance of processed foods and processed sugar in our diets is something that can very greatly affect our biochemistry in a positive way, resulting in greatly improved physical structure, as well as over all health and wellbeing.

Being that we do live in the western world, and many of us quite enjoy indulging i these substances now and then, I have some excellent news for you that all is not lost!

It is possible for us to enjoy what we’d like to, and at the same time, maintain an optimal state of health and wellbeing for us and our own offspring.

It’s all about balance

Balance is absolute key when it comes to any aspect of our health and wellbeing in terms of over all lifestyle.

Our bodies can maintain an adequate balance on an 80/20 eating regime.

This means that if we eat well, choosing optimal foods and adequate amounts of filtered water, as well as taking part in healthy amounts of physical activity 80% of the time, the body can and will absorb the 20% insult without detrimental effect. Happy chomping!

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