We all need to maximise our Vitamin D intake for the numerous health benefits it can bring.

Vitamin D is great for Teeth and bone health, improving our immune system for fighting coughs and colds and even guarding us against depression.

Vitamin D also helps with the absorption of other essential vitamins such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Magnesium and the latest research has shown that it may even fight cancer by shrinking tumour growth.


Vitamin D

Our very best source of vitamin D is actually the stuff that our body makes by itself… the only problem with this is that it does need regular exposure to sunlight to do it.

When we don’t have adequate exposure to the sun – and anyone who lives in the UK will be more than familiar with this experience –  we must look elsewhere, like our diet, to top our Vitamin D levels up otherwise we can become deficient.

Without a medical test it is difficult to determine if you have a vitamin D deficiency or not, however symptoms may experience as a result can include restlessness, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, muscle pains, weakness and trouble concentrating.

Vitamin D foods you should be including in your diet

So, to ensure you are getting your fill of Vitamin D, at least until the sun decides to come out, you should try and include as many as these foods as part of your varied and balanced nutritional intake.

1. Salmon

As with all its healthy beneficial properties, wild salmon is far better than farmed salmon, but either way, this is a real heavy weight when it comes to getting your Vitamin D.

Just half a fillet will give you more than your recommended daily allowance.

vitamin d rich food_22. Other Tinned fish

If you can’t get your fresh, wild salmon then your next best choice is to fill up on other fish to help top up your Vitamin D levels.

An average can of Tuna, Sardines or mackerel will provide you with a quarter of your recommended daily allowance.

3. Cod liver oil

Continuing with the fishy theme, it goes without saying that the beneficial properties in fish mainly come from the oils.

Take a cod liver oil capsule or if you prefer, a teaspoon full of the golden stuff will give you a big boost of Vitamin D… over 80% of your RDA.

4. Portobello Mushrooms

These are like little Vitamin D storage machines. The more a mushroom is exposed to sunlight the more Vitamin D it stores and the more you reap from eating them.

Your choice of mushroom also makes a difference, as Portobello’s contain unto 60% of your RDA of Vitamin A per mushroom, whilst this diminishes to only 4% for Oyster and just 1% for White.

5. Eggs

Eggs are also a good source of dietary Vitamin D, providing up to 10% of your RDA per egg. Grass fed, free range chickens produce the best quality eggs and the highest levels of Vitamin D.

The vitamin D is concentrated in the yolk, so you’ll need to eat the whole egg to get it.

Food alternatives

Although the above foods have relatively high levels of Vitamin D on their own, there are plenty of other foods, such as dairy products, pork and dairy alternatives like soya, which contain smaller amounts of the vitamin that should still make up your balanced and varied diet.

There are plenty of ways to keep your essential levels of Vitamin D up. With either a regular dose of sun, a healthy, varied and balanced diet including at least some of the foods I have listed above and even by the use of Vitamin D supplements.

Although if you choose to use supplements, ensure you opt for the D3 kind and not the less effective standard Vitamin D.

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