It is important to know that muscle gain cannot be absolutely predicted because each person is genetically unique. There is no universal macronutrient distribution pattern for adding muscle. Muscular atrophy is based on biochemical individuality. Race, age, gender, location, climate and diet are factors that affect the muscle growth.

Select a diet that best supports adding muscle to your body only. A good way to find your ideal diet is to conduct trial-and-error. Maybe a vegan diet is ideal for you to gain muscle.

Can a vegan diet sustain muscle growth?

A vegan diet adds muscle naturally and gradually. One can have the peace of mind of knowing that a vegan diet provides the body with just as many nutrients as any other diet. Once you calibrate the vegan diet to your biochemical individuality, it is as sustainable as any other diet. It is by trial-and-error that you must calibrate the vegan diet to suit you.

Many recipes exist in the vegan diet. Some are simple and some require time. The easiest recipes to implement include eating raw produce directly from the ground. The lower the amount of time that passes from when the plant is removed from the root the more nutrients that the plant has.

What should I eat?

Try to eat a clove of garlic in the morning. Usually mix it in with some raw kale to make it easier to swallow. At first it is not palatable and there is an aftertaste from the garlic. The kale also has an aftertaste initially. What ends up happening is that after some time your taste buds will become acclimated to eating a clove of garlic and raw kale in the morning.

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The beauty of this is that the amount of kale that has to be eaten is not a large amount. No more than 4 oz.

After eating your morning snack you should take in 15 oz of water and eat a handful of nuts and an apple. The fiber from the skin of the apple and the nuts will allow the fructose from the apple to trickle into the body and change blood sugar more gradually than if simple sugars were consumed. The nuts need to be of minimal quantity because fat and protein content are not to exceed a combined total of 20% of your diet.

Throughout the rest of the day consume fruits indiscriminately. Lunch should be a salad consisting of raw fruit, raw green vegetables and beans or nuts. If you get in a bind, you can order a soybean patty burger and baked sweet potato fries when dining out with friends or on a lunch break.

How would a vegan diet work?

At some point in life you should try a plant-based diet that consists of mostly carbohydrates from raw fruit and at least 10% protein and 10% fat to add solid muscle on to your body. Then you will rely on fructose as your main source of carbohydrate. The fructose being ingested will be done so with fiber so your body will acclimate to this change and positive physiological results, such as muscle gain, should occur.

Muscle gain that occurs naturally may lead a person who seeks instant gratification to believe that no muscle gain is occurring. You also need to know that there is no guaranteed rate of muscle development.

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