This is part 2 of our series for world Vegan month with the first part being found here. Today’s recipe is on the savoury side, so that you can have a good family meal or take it to work for lunch. You’ll have something rather awesome to show off!

I spoke a bit about Veganism last time and how great it is for bringing variety into your food life!

Making a loaf/bready type mixture like this you would think would be quite hard without any eggs to help it rise, BUT! by mixing chia seeds with water you’re able to create something called a “Chia Egg” which not only helps bind but also moisten a mixture, so whatever you’re making doesn’t turnout like a plank of wood you might as well be use as a shelf instead of having it for lunch!


One of the main things I wanted to incorporate into this recipe was using leftover vegetables. With the winter months closing in and eating full flavoured roast vegetables more frequently I thought it would be great to have a way to use what’s been left and create something brimming with taste!

Feed yourself, friends and family for several days with this simple recipe.

The other point was to make this a well rounded meal that incorporates all of your main nutrients such as vital B vitamins, Omega 3 fats, MCT Fats, plenty of Fibre and, most of all, protein!

Macros for 1 slice out of 10:

– 146Kcal
– 13g Carbohydrates (of which 4g Fibre)
– 4.8g Protein
– 8g Fat

Most of all you want something easy to make after a long day at work or when time is short and I can guarantee you that this does exactly that! So let’s get makin’ & bakin’ already!

Ingredients for 1 loaf:

– 135g Oats (Use gluten Free oats if needed)
– 80g Mixed Nuts
– 30g Chia Seeds
– 25g Melted Coconut oil
– 250g Mixed Roasted veg (Mine had butternut squash, bell peppers, onions, peas, parsnips and courgettes)
– 2-3 tsp of Mango Chutney (add amount to desired taste)
– ½ tsp Nutmeg
– ½ tsp Paprika
– ½ cup masala chai tea

Vegan Nut Roast_1

Oven at 175C fan assisted
Soak Chia seeds in warm chai tea and allow to thicken. This is a “Chia Egg”.
Pulse mixed roast veg, nuts and oats all separately in a blender
Combine all ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly
Pour into loaf tin
Bake for 25-30mins
Pull out and leave to cool

Vegan Nut Roast_2

This really emphasises how easy amazing tasting food can be to make, once you’ve got those ingredients together it’s as easy as bish, bash, bosh and that’s great nosh!

Vegan Nut Roast_3

Enjoy this one guys and get down to our facebook page and share some photos of your own!

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