Well what a lovely topic this is – Unexpected natural ways to lose belly fat. But one that is dear to a lot of people’s hearts.

Mainly because no matter how many scrunches, crunches, and other ‘unches you might do, or what sort of ‘diet’ you go on belly fat is a bugger to get rid of. And it’s probably down to what you’re eating.

I found this out many years ago when i was suffering from the dreaded IBS and the medications made it worse. I often ended up with a belly full of air after a meal with waistbands so uncomfortable so I did what I always do and researched. Then there was no Google so I had to read!!


Anyway I can now give you the benefit of that experience. Firstly as I say belly fat and getting rid of it isn’t down to exercise. Although exercise can help. So here we are.

The first thing you have to know is that you need to be eating the right foods. Those carbs are not helping, and neither are sugar laden foods, white bread isn’t good. But funnily enough those brown seeded loaves, pulses and all those things you think are ‘healthy’ are not doing you any favours either.

Do you like salty foods? crisps, nuts, and things with dips?

Sad to say that salt is not doing you any good at all. Bacon, ham, smoked salmon, pate – I know it’s horrible but it’s the truth I’m afraid. I’m certainly not saying you can’t have any of these for the rest of your life. But if you want to reduce that belly fat in a natural and healthy way you will give them up. Have them occasionally but not on a daily basis.

How do you eat?

Not such a silly question. Do you eat “on the run”, at your desk, in a hurry, never sit down at the table, while doing something else like watching tv or reading or playing with your phone? Do you ‘gulp’ food taking in lots of air?

All these can be contributing to extra belly fat (and the uncomfortable feeling around the middle). So you have to sit down, at a table, not be pre-occupied with work if you’re at your desk (in fact to have a less stressed life you ought to be having a break in the middle of the day anyway).

So that’s rule 1 to your natural ways to losing belly fat – not difficult at all. Bad habits are easy to change if you know how.

Then as I said it’s what you’re eating (and drinking). For instance did you know that coffee could be contributing to your excess belly fat? Yes, sorry it’s absolutely true. However, if you swop the coffee for a herbal tea such as lemon, or peppermint, or green tea. Those will all help eliminate the excess gasses that can produce belly fat.

Citrus fruits are awesome for eliminating stuff out of your system so as well as vitamin C they’re good for you in other ways.

Other fresh fruit including cherries, strawberries, peaches, plums, nectarines; perfect for losing that belly fat. Melon of course especially water melon is excellent.

Salad Vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, celery, peppers, all types of lettuce; perfect for your new regime.

Drinking lots of water of course is very good because it gets rids of all the toxins and flushes out the system.

Unexpected natural ways to lose belly fat2

And just in case you’re worrying that you can only eat some fruit and veg, fear not, you can still have fresh fish, lean chicken.

It’s not the pasta that’s the problem, or the rice or potatoes for that matter – it’s how they’re cooked. Rich creamy sauces in ready-made containers are usually full of sugar and salt and other bad for you ingredients. Best make your own and that way you’ll know exactly what you’re eating.

Better still if you really are serious about losing that belly fat give them up for a while. Try food without sauces. Stir fried is much healthier too as is steaming vegetables.

If you have the right mind set that you are doing this for better health and to look great, have more energy then you could totally re-educate your eating habits and palette and find that the heavy breads, fried foods, salty stuff, heavily sauced meals don’t appeal anymore. And maybe you won’t even want them as a treat.

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