Of course you know how to cook pasta; you have probably done it a million times. But have you ever got it absolutely right?

Perhaps whatever you do, you still find it tastier when you eat it at your favorite restaurant and you keep wondering what the secret is? Is it the recipe, the materials or a different technique?

What are they doing so different?


When it comes to food, pasta is without doubt one of the easiest, fastest and at the same time satisfying choices you can make. Therefore, it’s worth learning how to evolve your cooking skills.

Are you guilty of these cooking mistakes?

Don’t worry, no extra learned talents are needed. There are just some specific rules to be followed. Without these, even the very best sauces can’t save the dish!

Let’s remember what mistakes we make and cause us to remain a step away from the perfect dish of pasta.

1. You don’t use enough water to boil your pasta

Even if you read the packing you will see that there is a specific amount of water needed for each portion of pasta. Ideally, 1ltr of water is needed for the appropriate boiling of 100 gr of pasta.

Count your portions and use the necessary amount of water.

2. You are using a small pot

Pasta needs to move easily in the pot and be boiled correctly.

If you try to squeeze it in a smaller one, you’ll find it difficult to stir them. So the solution is not to cut them in half but to pick a bigger pot. This way the boiled water keeps its temperature when you add the pasta and you avoid them sticking to the bottom or to each other, because of the released starch.

3. You add oil to the boiling water

This is a common mistake because of the belief that oil helps pasta from sticking together. The truth is that oil flows to the surface and sticks on pasta when we drain them.

But this is not the problem.

The problem will appear later when the delicious sauce you have prepared won’t cling to the pasta.

4. You don’t wait for the water to boil

how to cook pasta_2It is true that sometimes seems forever until the water boils. But if you add the pasta too soon you might come up with a sticky mass of pasta that cannot be separated afterwards.

In order to help water boil faster, you can simply use the pot lid.

5. You don’t stir the pasta

We often think that our job is done when we put the pasta in the boiling water.

Do not forget that is very important to stir the pasta while it boils in order to avoid sticking together.

6. You put pasta in cold water after cooking

In simple words, this is “forbidden”.

By doing this, you wash away the small amount of starch which will help later the sauce cling to the pasta. This starch also improves the texture of the sauce added and gives a depth to its taste.

7. Cooking pasta for too long

Remember that you should drain the pasta a little bit earlier from the point you prefer them because they continue to soften when mixed with the warm sauce, especially when this takes place while still on fire.

Remember that overcooked pasta cannot be saved!

Particularly fresh pasta needs just 2-3 minutes from the moment that boiling begins. So don’t go away and get distracted, stay over the pot and be prepared!

You use different pasta shapes?

No, this is not a mistake as long as you follow the instructions. Every different pasta shape needs a different cooking time and matches better with a different kind of sauce.

A rule in gourmet kitchen is that the length of the ingredients in sauce should not be larger than the pasta length!

Now you know all the secret tips for the perfect pasta, it is time to impress yourself and all your friends!

So try cooking your pasta now following these important but simple steps and let me know if you notice the difference and are getting closer to emulating that favourite restaurant of yours!

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