The elevenses snack and that 2 o’clock slump can really be a pain, especially when you are working. It’s not lunchtime yet, and its not quite dinner, you’re peckish, maybe even hungry but just don’t know what to eat for the best?

You know you don’t really want to reach for the crisps, or the chocolate to fill you up, because you know deep down that its not really going to give you the energy you need, and that it’s not the best choice.

We get our clients to have three snacks per day. These work two-fold.


Snacks – the right ones, will help to keep your blood sugar levels stable all day, that means no slumps, no tiredness and more energy and better concentration

They kill cravings

If you can chose the right sort of snacks then you will be less inclined to want to give in to your sugar or savoury cravings, because your body is being fed the right sort of nutrition.

But what are the best snacks to have? I have three ideas which involve NO cooking at all, and are a firm favourite with our guys.

1. The Goddess Salad

You can choose the conventional fruit and nuts, like an apple and some walnuts BUT I can do one better than that. We call it a ‘goddess salad’.

healthy snack recipes for beginners_2Take your apple, cut it up into chunks, next grab a handful of rocket salad, add a few walnuts, a tsp of olive oil, and balsamic, and you can add approx 20g feta cheese.

Goddess Salad complete and it takes about 5 minutes to prepare, and no cooking required!

2. This one is what I call Lozzies Bowl of Heaven

It is a sure-fire way to crush those sweet cravings. I admit that I have these from time to time, but after you have this you will think… chocolate who!?

Take some fruit, anything you like – I like strawberries or raspberries – put them in a bowl, take one spoonful of Liberte 0% Fat Natural Greek Yoghurt (I personally prefer this one because it’s a bit creamy), add in some nuts (I like pecans) and then a little honey drizzled over the top – mix it up and enjoy! Again takes about 5 minutes to prep, if that, and includes NO cooking!

healthy snack recipes for beginners_33. Now this one is Barry’s fave and we call it ‘Bazzas Energy Boost’

Perfect for the afternoon slump, and again requires NO cooking and take seconds to make, and not many more seconds to eat because it is so scrummy!

Take 2 oats cakes (we like nairns), spread a thin layer of peanut butter on them (we like whole earth – avoid any peanut butter where the first ingredient is Raw Cane Sugar), then slice up a banana and place it on top of the side with the peanut butter, put the other oat cake on top, making a type of cookie, and you have the perfect energy boost.

healthy snack recipes for beginners_4These are all little twists on the conventional fruit and nut – give them a go and let me know how you get on!

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