Lunches can often be an afterthought when it comes to healthy eating. The usual scenario is that you don’t have time to prep for the next day and think, I’ll just get a sandwich, or grab something on the go.

You THINK perhaps that you are getting something healthy, but 9 times out of 10 it’s not going to help you really. This is due to the added ingredients to make it taste better – salt, butter, mayo and such like.

There is a better option. One that will save you some pennies and will ensure that you are in control of your lunches and what you are eating.


It’s all about planning and preparation

It will just take a little bit of your time the evening before, however, just popping in to the shops and grabbing something on the go can actually take just as long.

If you think about it, you have to go to the shop, chose what you want, stand in line and then pay and return to where you started. If you do all of that quickly and with the minimum of fuss you are still probably looking at a minimum of 10 minutes at least.

Prepping your lunch the night before can also take the same amount of time, so in reality a little time spent prepping the night before can be very effective.

Three tips for a healthy lunch

So what can you have for lunch, and how can you ensure that it will be healthy? I have three ideas that will be quick and easy AND if you tie them in with dinner, will not take you anytime at all.

healthy lunch recipes for beginners_21. You could actually use tactical leftovers from the night before if you plan well enough (keep an eye on my WatchFit Page to find my Beginners Guide to Cooking Healthy Dinners coming soon), this is a sure fire way to make sure that you not only have a healthy dinner BUT also a lunch.

For example: if you cook fajitas the night before you could take them to work the next day in a wholemeal wrap, paired with some fruit this is a perfect healthy lunch.

2. Perfect food equation to keep you full: if you get a good mixture of carbs, fats and protein with some fibre you will be able to create a lunch that will keep you full.

Easy carbs to have for lunches are: wholemeal wraps, granary bread, or grains like cous cous, brown rice, brown pasta, lentils, quinoa. ALL which can be mixed with some protein: like chicken, tuna, turkey, beef or even a veggie alternative Quron to make a salad.

The addition of some feta cheese, or even some olive oil to drizzle will give your lunch a different edge and give it some wetness.

3. Looking for a healthy mayo? you can always use some fat free greek yoghurt and mix it with paprika, chilli powder, chives, garlic, lemon and then use that for some sauce.

Cooking is about being fun and creative

It does not have to be perfect the key thing is that you try. It’s quite exciting using all the different herbs and spices to really make your lunch your own.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!! To find some incredibly delicious breakfast ideas, read my Beginner’s Cooking Guide to Healthy Breakfasts.

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