Each year we look forward to fresh starts and new trends emerging that we can sink our teeth into!

2015 saw a rise in quinoa hitting our shelves and into the local coffee shop snacks, the smoothie craze – blitzing together an array of fruit and vegetables to create powerful, nutritious drinks and last but not least – the beginning of vegetable crisps!

Here are my top 5 food trends for 2016 to try this year!


Five food trends:

Literally, with these top food trends for 2016 you will be doing plenty of munching on these exciting trends.


With no carb diets like the Atkins condemning our beloved bread for so many years, 2016 is now the year when people are embracing real bread.

Now is the year to enjoy authentic loaves with the likes of artisan toasts, bagels and gourmet pizzas have the bread renaissance a boost!


Last year saw kale standing out from the crowd but this year our beach buddy seaweed is in.

Environmentally friendly and plentiful, seaweed is packed with fiber, antioxidants, iodine and good fats means it is a great health food. Look out for seaweed packed strips coming your way soon.

Healthy food trends for 2016_2Vegetables

With meat becoming even more prehistoric, vegetables are now taking a starring role on many restaurant menus, as chefs are challenging themselves to create tasty, hearty meals from plants alone.

With increasing health concerns surrounding processed meat, vegetables based restaurants are becoming increasingly available for the consumer.

With 27% of the UK population now eating less meat than they did a year ago, this is a trend that’s sure to grow!


With clean eating taking hold of the globe, raw cacao has spawned a taste for purer chocolate treats. Dense and earthly bitterness being the next step for dark chocolate lovers, cacao comes from cacao beans from across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The cacao nibs and powder now available from supermarkets and health food shops are the bean – dried, powdered and packed – in the purest state we can buy it, free from all additives including sugar and cocoa butter.


Dismissed as a fussy eating fad, gluten-free isn’t going away and the trend is set to continue.

With sales of buckwheat flour increasing and ranges of buckwheat pasta set to hit the shelves soon, while flours that where normally confined to the shelves of Asian supermarkets are now hitting the mainstream.

Unusual flours, such as potato starch, tapioca flour and teff flour are all can be seen hitting our supermarkets this year with more households looking to recreate their favourite baked goods gluten-free.

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