We spend so much time building our exercise programs…

…determining precisely what we want to accomplish, which muscle groups we want to focus on and so forth…that we sometimes lose sight of one highly important training factor: nutrition!

Remember that good health and training is a 3-part endeavour:


1)    resistance training

2)    cardio training

3)    the nutrition that fuels both

Most people, even those with a genuine interest in and dedication to being in great shape, don’t really study or have full knowledge of diet and nutrition. That is not to say they are entirely ignorant, in most cases people have some idea of what to eat, but they may not know critical details such as the timing of nutrition and training.

In addition, when we try to focus a bit more on this we are bombarded by nutrition marketing, retail supplement stores and stories across every conceivable media platform. This typically trumpets the need for protein, protein, protein!

sugar post workout_2

But here’s the simple truth and the simple structure: we certainly need protein in order to improve our muscular system, no doubt. Truth is, we run on sugar for the most part. This is why carbs are important to our good health.

So when it comes to resistance training, exactly what should we do?

Studies have shown that nutrition is vital after a workout.

Since we are actually causing microscopic damage to the muscle tissue during a workout, we need to provide the body with the building blocks by which to make its repairs and improvements.

Timing: You should consume proper nutrition immediately after your workout. There is about a 30-40 minute “window” when the body can best utilize the fuel you put into it. And vitally this will ensure that the body will avoid going into a catabolic state where the body tears down its own tissues to get the needed nutrients.

Protein vs Sugar: sugar post workout, for sure! We need to replace the spent nutrients we have just exhausted in our workout so, since we have been burning up sugar, we need to replace that. We also need some protein to provide the building blocks for tissue repair. Most people understand these necessities but the correct ratio is something that many get wrong.

We actually need more sugar than protein.

The proper ratio can run from 4:1 down to 2:1 sugar-over-protein….that’s right MORE sugar than protein!

There are many supplements and drinks out there, not all are to be recommended but many of those can be very good. Just look out for those ratios!

One easy way we have found to get effective nutrition into you at the right time is to simply consume chocolate milk after a workout! I recommend the low-fat version of it. It provides the proper ratios of sugar and protein and milk also provides great building blocks in the form of whey and casein – some of the cleanest and best sources of amino acids.

Be sure to include this nutrition in your focus and training. All the working out in the world won’t do you much good if you don’t feed the body with what it needs.

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