Have you noticed how your body feels when you have a cheeseburger from a restaurant, compared to how you feel when you eat tuna, chicken breast, turkey breast or seafood without much or any seasoning? To answer the question, ‘why is proper nutrition important?’ you must begin with how you feel and perform after meals.

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Proper nutrition makes you better

Regardless of what time you eat chips, cookies, cake or candy compared to carrots, celery, apples or anything know to be healthy, have you noticed the difference in how you feel and perform?

For anyone that has not heard at this point the reason it is important to eat breakfast, you are essentially fasting for 3-8 hours per night, or however long that you sleep.

Meaning when you wake up your body is in need of nutrients to start the day.  On top of eating multiple small meals through out the day or night, depending on your schedule which raises your metabolism.

Eating well makes you better, at the way you perform your sport, the way you perform at work, the amount of energy you have, more ideas you have to be and do better.  Compared to eating oreos, chips, starburst, and junk food on a regular basis.

Eating healthy can be affordable and delicious

Until proven otherwise, healthier food and drink choices are not made much if at all because it is assumed and sometimes proven to certain people that sea food, fruits and vegetables do not taste good.  I love many of the fruit choices I have and prefer carrots over any vegetable.

Also, the excuse that healthier food cost more than the fattening stuff.  That depends on how many people are being fed, how much you have during each serving and if you eat more than you need during each meal.

There have been many times throughout my life where I had more than I should have, especially if chocolate was around. Eating more at one time slows your metabolism due to the amount of time it takes to digest all of the food and drinks you had regardless of how long ago that was.

When you have 5-6 smaller meals your body digest the food quicker and you can do more and feel great. Eating at a restaurant one thing everyone needs to know is that ordering healthy meals is not enough.

When you go to any restaurant, the meal your order is supposed to be healthy, but unless you are the first customer, than they do not take the time to clean to grill or stove from all of the seasoning that was used to make meals for other customers.

When you buy, prepare and cook your own meals you are in control of what is used or not, whether you used too much of any seasoning, under cooked or what ever compared to depending on cooks to do what you need them to do to help you eat healthy, feel and look great all year long.

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