You feel the effects that junk food has on your body.  It tastes great but how think about how you feel afterward.  People are satisfied while eating it but again, how do you feel afterward? Yes we can look at the nutrition content and make choices about what to eat and how much.

Chocolate is my weakness. What is yours?

When you go shopping for groceries what do you notice? Have you noticed?  Most of the healthy snacks, drinks and food choices are on the outside of the grocery store.  Most of the products that we should not have much of if any are on the inside of the store.


Check here a how to make a healthy shopping list!

Cookies, soda/pop, popcorn, ketchup, chips, sweetend juice and many of the snacks and drinks the body does not need are on the inside of the store.  Fish, shrimp, fruits, vegetables, unprepared chicken, fish unsweetened water and many other items that are good and better for us are on the outside.

I am not saying that we can not have cookies, popcorn or chips.  As an owner and trainer of Fuller Fitness and someone who cares I am presenting facts on junk food and it’s effects and the products are.


Junk food and it’s effects are based on the amount of sugar in every cookie, kernel of popcorn, chip, peace of cake has so much sugar.  A helium tank is used to fill balloons. Sugar is like a helium tank to you.  The more helium that is adding to a balloon the bigger the balloon gets.  The more sugar that is put into every body the bigger or fatter the person gets.


Everyone that you see who is skinny in not always healthy or fit.  Each person is going through something and we rarely know much if anything about what people are going through.  Junk food and it’s effects are feeling sleepy, sluggish, huge, upset, feeling regret and any other bad feeling that people have after ingesting junk food.  For those who try in any way to eat healthy, having a cheat DAY is counter productive.

Again enjoy your chocolate, chips and cake.  All I am saying is to modify and be aware of the amount of sugar that goes into your body and what it means to have that much sugar in your body on a regular basis.  Holidays and celebrations happen every season, every year.  That excuse is overused and false.  With all of the information out there, especially for those of us that know what we are talking about, focus on getting things done and feeling great about it.

I offer meal plans where weekly meal plans are sent to your email with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options based on your goal(s) and what you need.  I am not suggesting to deprive yourself nor will I help a person become or stay anorexic.  My goal is to help all of my clients get and stay healthy, fit, strong and happy.

To your health and fitness,

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