Can you think of a plant that has roots running as deep as three metres, drawing on vital minerals from the earth, whilst also growing as tall as it reaches down? Maybe you remember all that talk years back about this same plant that can clean our air by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen faster than any other tree or plant?

Have you got it yet?

I will put you out of your misery. It is the Hemp plant. It attracts no pests, requires no pesticides or fertiliser and the seeds it produces are a superb protein – one of the best.


It is one of the most successful things I have introduced to my diet and the nutritional element to my courses over the years. I am in no doubt Hemp seed has had a fantastic impact on vitality and health. If you want to stabilise your weight, hormones and energy, shape your body, train hard and recover quickly, hemp should be on your wish list.

No need to smoke it, grow it or grind it, the hemp seed is soft and palatable and not even as bitter as the likes of ground hazelnuts. It works nicely sprinkled on fruit, salads, mixed in shakes or wherever your imagination takes you.

It has many qualities that we’ll come to shortly but one of its strengths is the quality of its protein. Animal protein is good but does drain the body of pancreatic enzymes and in turn drains your health. Eating foods with live enzymes help balance this, like sprouts for instance.

Food needs to be digested and broken down well before it can be absorbed efficiently, so helping where you can with more intelligent food choices can turn your health around.


What makes the Hemp plant different?

Unlike soya products, hemp doesn’t cause wind. It also contains fatty acids in the perfect balance, much more so than the famous flaxseed. If you have made a habit of buying fish oil supplements, you could save yourself some money and switch to hemp.

The two fats in fish most spoken of are EPA and DHEA (eicosapentaenoic and docosaphexaenoic acid) and hemp contains an acid that the body converts to EPA. So apart from protein, we also have the benefit of essential fats, minerals and vitamins.

One of the qualities that is really beneficial is Magnesium. Magnesium supplements are tough to the palate and another expense that can sit wasted in your cupboards.

It is hard to get enough Magnesium from munching on cruciferous items, yet hemp has concentrated quantities by comparison. For the last stages of my pregnancy, nights were uncomfortable with leg cramp attacks but if I remembered my hemp portions in the day, I was relieved of the cramping.

Edestin is a globular protein that assimilates better than any other with the body, it is immediately transformed into antibodies, enzymes, fibrogen, hormones and haemoglobin and guess what? Hemp is the most abundant source of edisten around.

I have been making up post-workout shakes with hemp mixed into green juices or other plant waters for some time now. Gracious and grateful my clients seem as they slurp it back, I know there is little pleasure in my recipes.

I was thrilled to have been contacted by a British based company who are Hemp enthusiasts, Good Hemp Nutrition and hear of their efforts to get hemp into the position it well deserves: popular and easily available. They have been winning the battle and doing a great job.

Aside from the seeds, Good Hemp Nutrition has been developing shakes with natural flavorings and of late, sweetened by Stevia, the most natural sweetener found in nature with a negligible effect on blood glucose. Mix them with rice milk, juices, coconut water or even water and you can be sure of a healthy, tasty and unadulterated fuel.

Hemp is a truly remarkable natural product and one we would all do well to assimilate into our diet and this can be done easily, efficiently, cost effectively and, thankfully, without any requirement for masterly culinary skills!

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