free of food and body worry2Let’s talk, just you and me. Let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation about your relationship with your food and your body.

Do you worry about what you eat day in and day out?

Do you worry how what you eat will affect your body, the way you look and the way your clothes feel?


Do you wake up each morning praying that today will be a “good” day and you will eat what you are “supposed” to eat?

Excessive food worry leads to body anxiety and excessive body worry leads to body bashing and lack of respect for your body. All this causes you to continue to be at war with food which is the very thing that is supposed to be nourishing your body.

How did you get into this negative cycle? If you are like most of my clients, it was born out of a desire to lose weight.

You then went on a diet and restricted certain foods, often foods that you truly love but decided it was worth depriving yourself of because you were losing weight. But then the day came and you caved.

You desperately wanted to eat your beloved food that you restricted for so long. This might be a delicious pasta a la vodka dish from your favorite restaurant or a piece of rich milk chocolate.

You made a decision to eat it, but you ended up overeating. Then came the guilty feelings, shame, embarrassment and the “I did it again” thinking. You recommit to the diet, vowing never to eat it again.

This takes a lot of energy. It strips away the pleasure of eating out with friends, being social and living your life because you are always so pre-occupied with what you should order and how to count it in your diet plan.

How can you be free of all this food and body anxiety?


The first step is to commit to a diet-free lifestyle. In other words, tell yourself you will never diet again. Diets lead to overeating, plain and simple. They have not served you well and will never serve you well.

The second step is to get the support you need to learn to become an intuitive eater. An intuitive eater is one who eats when they are hungry and stops when they are full.

This is easier said than done, especially if as a chronic yo-yo dieter you have moved so far away from listening to your inner body signals as your guide to eating.Support can come in many ways.

You can reach out to a certified intuitive eating coach and/or you can join a support group. Here is a free support group that might be helpful.

The third step is to start listening for hunger and fullness.Let your body be your guide as to when you are hungry and when you are full. It will be difficult at first to hear these signals as they probably have become silent after so many years of you ignoring them.

But if you listen long enough, you will begin to hear them. Then, you want to honor them.

The fourth step is to close out the negative voices that play in your head that tell you that you are a failure. The voices that say you will never lose weight and succeed. Work on bringing up the nurturing voices that are hidden deep within.

The fifth step is to nourish your body. At this point in the process you will likely have transformed your relationship with food and your body.

Now, seek out the guidance of a reputable nutrition professional to understand the various health and nutrition guidelines and how they might benefit you. This process is a journey, one that requires patience, commitment and understanding.

Here is a resource for you that will help you delve more into each of these steps. Back to my original question. Are you plagued with food and body worries each day? Please share your thoughts below so you can be supported.

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