The foods we choose to eat along with how healthy our digestive tract is, has a lot to do with how much internal gas we produce.

Eating too quickly, not chewing enough, taking too much air in as we eat can all result in a build up of gas, along with the foods that contain substances that aren’t fully digested, until they are metabolized by the bacteria in the lower intestine, which can cause uncomfortable swelling, bloating or just plain embarrassing gas.

Peppermint leaves and Raw Ginger Root have long been known to help smooth the digestive system and calm the stomach after an overloaded dinner, either made in hot water and gently sipped, will help flush the excessive waste away comfortably.


Here are 8 unexpected foods that fight gas too…

Cinnamon can help to metabolize the fats in the digestive procedure, allowing your body to refrain from producing excess gas. By drinking a cinnamon and Raw Honey cocktail, it cleanses the colon by eliminating the toxins, or sprinkle a small amount of the herb on one teaspoon of honey and eat before meals. It helps digest even the heaviest of meals.

It helps protect the stomach wall by coating it, by cleaning the system of bad bacteria thereby helping to treat symptoms of bloating, gas and acid reflux.

Pineapple and Ripe Bananas help the body to naturally break down foods thus cutting down on those awkward moments. The fruits contain a good amount of potassium which is a key component to any anti-bloat diet. Bromelain, an enzyme also found in pineapples assists in the breaking down of proteins this in turn will help with reducing the amount of gas in you colon.

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Fennel seeds are eaten by many cultures to reduce inflammation of the stomach and intestine which also help with the proper absorption on nutrients. With their mild, aniseed like flavour, fennel seeds are used in many different types of dishes around the world.

Flaxseeds and Chia Seeds both have huge nutritional benefits and have taken the health industry by storm, but some people have reported that not only can they help prevent excessive gas while helping fight constipation, but in some individuals may cause gas and bloating.

Simple way to add them into your diet via smoothies, dressings and yogurts, this comes with advice to start slowly allow your body to adjust, add a small amount to your chosen recipe and make sure to soak and prepare them correctly before eating.

Papaya termed as “fruits of the Angels” by Christopher Columbus is a nutritional powerhouse. It contains an active compound of enzymes that aid digestion and fight gas. Green papaya makes a nice addition to a salad.

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Probiotics may also help aid in digestion and reduce excessive gas. Naturally found Probiotics are live microorganisms, mostly “good” bacteria, similar to the bacteria found in the human gut. Products such as cultured natural yogurt and miso are a natural way of relief from intestinal gas.

Over-the-counter probiotics may contain large amounts of artificial sweeteners, as already mentioned may linger in the stomach because they cannot be digested, building-up they act as a platform for the fermentation of bacteria, leading to production of gas.

Always remember we are individuals, so what works for one may not have the same result for another, experiment and find what works for you.

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