Most don’t realize that the best way your body synthesizes vitamin D is through the skin, next would be eating enriched foods.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble hormone that helps absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and zinc and we need healthy kidneys and livers to convert it.

Lack of vitamin D can harm you and especially in younger children and there has been a link to rickets and osteomalacia.


Keep in mind every person is different in regards to optimal levels but as a general rule the average person needs about 600 IUD and those who are darker and also those who have more mass by way of muscle or not will need more as well then your average Joe.

I personally have the time to go outside and enjoy the weather as well as try to incorporate the following.

We always question if foods are high in Vitamin D, and it is not easy to find many with it. So with that said here are my top 5 food choices to help boost your vitamin D levels.

Fatty fatty

Fish can be a good source of vitamin D and options include salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna, and eel. One portion of fish can give you close to your daily 600 IUD (varies with the fish)

Best foods for vitamin D deficiency2


Yes, that is right… Some mushrooms can produce Vitamin D if exposed to UVB rays… just like humans. Portabellos as well will give you 400IUD and a great alternative for the vegetarian/vegan.

Best foods for vitamin D deficiency3


No surprise here. Fish roe will be packed as well about 100IUD per serving. Get your sushi on! Or you can make a great caviar salad Follow link

Best foods for vitamin D deficiency5

Eggs are fast and easy and contain about 80IUD in one portion.

Beef liver

Best foods for vitamin D deficiency4

Yup! That’s right! Liver is another great way of getting your vitamin D. It is also high in B-12 and iron. About 50IUD in a 3 oz portion….shhh i like chicken livers baked but they only have 12IUD of vitamin D.


Fortified foods

Milk, cheeses, and cereals all contain added vitamin D. These all are in quantity but general rule would be 50-100IUD. This includes milk alternatives as in almond milk and tofu as well as the foods they come from as well. Typically my own diet doesn’t include this category due to health contradictions but they may work for you.

There are also supplementations like D-DROPS which are amazing. My personal take and what I advise my clients:

Children 600IUD
Adults 1000IUD
OR about 20 min outside

Please be responsible when outside and wear sunscreen if you are a burner as well as time of day.

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