Lately I’ve noticed a good habit being practised by people who are losing weight. But I had to see for myself what others were doing wrong to figure out what it was.

After assessing some of our members, I noticed that some simply got stuck.  They knew how and what to eat, but for some reason they weren’t able to follow their eating program. I asked them what had changed from past months when they saw better results, and from there we started drawing conclusions.

The answer everyone gave – Stress

They were stressed by work, family, vacation and life. But stress was not really the problem. The problem was how they respond to the issue that was causing the stress.

We found that they didn’t have a plan to follow. They ran around like a headless chicken, very busy but not getting anything done!

They were stressed, and they start eating the wrong foods.  

But not only that, they also didn’t have an eating schedule. They thought that by not taking time to plan their eating and by continuing to work, they would finish whatever they were working on. When they notice they are hungry, they eat anything and a lot of it.

Everyone has the same limited time

I can tell you that I have limited time like everyone else. My time is usually given to my clients, community, studying, meditation, health, family and writing. I just don’t have time to waste on bad habits!

I’m very efficient when I have a plan.

eating on a schedule_2I’m not only efficient, but I eat healthily because I am prepared when I get hungry. I don’t choose the wrong foods and I eat just enough. I found out that the same thing happens to all of our members who have a plan.

Eating on a schedule

The reality is that planning your day, week, month and year will save you a lot of time and will allow you to eat healthily. Without a plan you can get lost in the moment, achieving nothing and even putting your health and weight loss program in jeopardy.

I have noticed that people who don’t plan do overeat and eat the wrong foods.

The reason is very simple

Think about when you made the decision about eating those wrong foods. While you were hungry, you didn’t care about what you ate, but once you ate it and you felt full, you regretted eating them.

We usually don’t think clearly when we are hungry, and it’s even worse when we wait until the last minute.  

All we want to do is eat therefore we don’t think as clearly as we do after we’re full – which is why we have regrets after we eat and not before.

Also when we don’t eat on schedule and we wait until we are starving, we don’t take the time to let our body process the food intake, and we tend to overeat. Eating junk food plus eating lots of it, we’re getting the ultimate double-whammy of  bad eating practice.

Governed by our emotions

Many people think that they need to have self-control or self-power to be able to say no to the wrong foods, and they think they need to count calories to eat less.

The truth is that we are governed by feelings, and if we don’t control feelings – feelings control us.

There’s not an easier way to control the feeling of hunger than eating on schedule.

I’m very meticulous when it comes to choosing which food I’m going to eat, and I’m an expert at controlling my feelings. Nevertheless, when I don’t plan my days, including my meals, I end up eating the wrong foods. The most effective and easiest way to eat the right foods is by planning your day.

If you plan your meals, most likely you are going to have the right food within reach. You are going to eat right when you need to avoid overeating and steering clear of junk food. You will get more done and you will save time and money.

Committed to your happiness and well-being.

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