I hear so frequently people complaining about chicken breast being too dry.

And then they put sauce or different kind of condiments to make it better but in reality it doesn’t work. At the end of the day no sauce can make the difference when the baking wasn’t done right from the start.

I get often asked from clients, friends and family how I cook my chicken to make it so tender and delicious.


When I tell them how I baked my chicken breast they are all surprised how easy it really is and often have a hard time  believing me. Cause guess what!? people makes simple things more complicated for nothing.

The first criteria when my clients ask for a meal plan is it needs  to be easy & simple. Secondly, It MUST  taste good!

This is why today I will tell you my Top two ways to easily prepare chicken breast. Now I am not even talking about recipes, just how to make it for a lean and mean diet ;).

The famous boiled chicken breast! Just these words makes most of the people scared. When I am prepping for a fitness show I do boiled chicken but there is a way to make it. Common mistake people do is they boil the chicken in water. This is a Big no no! Boiled water will over cooke the chicken and it won’t be tender.

My way to do it

Easy baked chicken breast2

I put my chicken breasts in a pan with enough water to cover only 1/2 of the chicken breast. I put a cover and cook at medium heat for 15-20. Instead of boiling, it’s going to steam the chicken breasts like in a Crockpot.

Then I turn off the stove and  let my chicken  rest in their water overnight or for a few hours. You will be surprised how tender your chicken will  be. That is a simple way to bake chicken without adding extra calories. Pure and simple!

Now another easy baked chicken breast is dry oven cooked. And once again I won’t tell you to put extra calories yet. And guess what, it still won’t be dry, because there is a good way to do it. 🙂 First of all I put my oven at 350 degree F. I take a non-stick broiler pan that I spray with pam.

I slice my chicken breast in thin strips and put it on the pan. Then I put my secret ingredient on it which is “aromatic herbal seasoning SALAMOIA BOLOGNESE”. And this my friend makes all the difference. If you cannot find this salt, MRS DASH is an option. Then cook for 20 mins and here u go. Easy & simple!

Now I hope you will try these easy baked chicken breasts and never eat dry chicken breast anymore. I have many lean chicken recipes that I could share with you, but I am keeping this for another article. Now let’s just practice on the easy baking! 🙂

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