We all hear that we should add more Fruit and vegetables to our meals or diet in general, but we all find it difficult to do it, well here I have come up with 7 ways that you can creatively add fruit or vegetables to your meals!

1* A Cauliflower Pizza Crust

This Cauliflower Pizza Crust will bring your Carb intake down; the crust is made from grated cauliflower, a much lower carb substitute for flour. Just use a cheese grater to “grate” your cauliflower into very small pieces.


Microwave those cauliflower crumbles for 8 minutes. No water or anything needed. Once the cauliflower has been softened up let it cool for a minute. Mix in Egg, Cheese and Spices, you then shape and add your desired toppings. A great pizza with a great taste.

2* Add a little Greek Yoghurt.

Adding a good dressing to your fruit will help bind everything together and help bring out the fruits juiciness. Why not try some Strawberry’s in a mixture of Greek Yoghurt, Honey and mint.

7 creative ways to use veggies or fruit2

3* Use Dip

Raw vegetables probably aren’t the first thing you crave when a snack attack strikes, but you’ll be much more tempted to eat them when they’re dunked in hummus or a low-fat dip.

A lot of my clients will say when at work snacks are hard to come by or they snack on the wrong things, my advice is to take Carrot sticks, Celery Sticks or Cucumber sticks and hummus in, dunking these vegetables in the hummus will satisfy your snacking needs.

4* Tomato Stem

Use the stems for flavour too. Don’t eat them but allow the stems to infuse your sauces/stocks/tomato waters, etc. That’s where the lovely tomato smell derives from.

5* Swap the Spaghetti

If you want fewer calories and Carbs then Sautéed bean sprouts are a great substitute for Spaghetti and they have a similar mouth feel when eating them. Toss them with marinara sauce and add your meats for a great meal that is both Carb and calorie Light.

6* Bulk up your Pasta

Pasta is a common dish for most households, but one way I have found that really adds a great taste and really bulks up your dish is by adding courgette ribbons. Courgette ribbons are not only low calorie but they also offer a great source of Folate, Potassium and Vitamin A.

7* Fire up your Fruit

By placing your fruit on simmer will really help make your fruit sweeter and softer, you will be amazed at what a little fire can do!

Bonus tip for your kiddies: By chopping vegetables into finely cut pieces and adding them to a dish like spaghetti Bolognese will really help your children reach there 5 a day, this will also encourage your children to eat more vegetables.

By doing these simple tips you will be adding a great rage of fruit and vegetables into your diet making you feel great and helping you get the nutrition your body deserves, being creative with your meals really helps you stick to the right choices and therefore creating a longer lasting diet.

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