The confusing part of the problem with getting to the bottom of what clean eating is, is that everyone seems to have a different definition of what actually constitutes ‘clean’.You’ve got your bodybuilder definition, your vegan definition, your celebrity doctor definition and the list goes on and on and on. Not only that, those definitions can vary wildly from individual to individual.

For example someone competing in a body building competition will encounter a higher protein diet, consisting of chicken, steak and broccoli and consuming a low carbs to no carbs diet; naturally the effects of pursuing such a diet for a long period can have it’s consequences on ones self, as eating a high protein diet, can place strain on your liver, add additional weight to dehydration and flaked looking in the skin.

On the other hand you have your vegans who swear by eating Raw is the way forward as well as referring to the word ‘clean’ believe cooking food at particular temperature (not using a cooker, but a food dehydrator), a tool that uses low temperatures and a fan to dry food, it essentially removes the water from food, but it keeps the enzymes of your raw food intact so only the goodness is eaten.


My advise to anyone seeking such diet to make sure that one educates their self, as its great for creating snacks, foods and on top of that the beauty of getting your 5 a day but can have its downfall as other nutrients the body requires such as B12 can be lacked resulting to a classic case of B12 deficiency.

And you have the celebrity Doctors and their interpretations to what a ‘clean’ eating is usually being a 90 day challenge that they have been sponsored and paid a good income to promote products that do more harm than good, lets face it what do you do after the 90 days is over?

As a basic principle ‘clean’ eating can have its interpretations and many formats to suit individuals, but let’s face it the reality and the true meaning of what ‘clean’ eating is, has been fabricating to an advantage were people and major companies that sell supplements, protein shakes/bars have profited and the message ‘clean’ eating has failed and as a whole confused the majority.

clean eating for beginners_2

Lets look at The British government alone has spent millions in campaigns to get the nation healthier, yet its at the top of the list as the fattiest European country knocking the Germans who had the title now adapting a healthier lifestyle with their government negotiating fairer prices with its organic consumers making it more affordable for the German people to buy as a result they are no longer the leaders in Europe’s fattiest country.

Just were have the British government gone wrong?

It’s great that we have had vasts advertisement to the importance to eating your 5 a day is but obliviously the message is not getting across.

Think about the competition with top brands like Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda selling their own branded chocolate biscuits and 2 for 1 offer on a wide selection of chocolate, crisps to processed foods, on the other hands food that are good for you, or branded organic are at ridiculous prices with most household not being able to afford this on a regular basis.

Surely the government can see the results but would rather pump vast amounts of money into advertisement than negotiate affordable prices on their organic to healthy foods range, lets face it, it’s certainly worked for Germany.

Just think of it like this, if all the top major supermarkets charge more for their branded cakes biscuits, they would not make any profit so it’s in their interests to keep the prices low, when in-fact to make their branded chocolate and crisps and so on.

It did not cost them much to begin with a guarantee profit and the costs to its individual customer a promised in their eyes as a bargain in fact a start to a time ticking bomb with ones health at stake and major giants all in the name of making money and vast amounts of it.

What is clean eating and what it really stands for?

‘Clean’ eating the word alone is lacking the overdue credit it deserves and what it stands for and the obvious fabrications and many interpretations it has for individuals, somewhere along the lines it has been forgotten that clean eating also applies to a long lasting lifestyle or a start to one.

When people refer to eating ‘clean’ straight away think its going to cost them a bomb to lead this life, when in-fact it’s all down to cutting out certain stuff when visiting a supermarket, or if you have time get online and research local farmers and local supermarkets that also offer competed prices on their healthy eating range supposed to supermarkets.

Even check out meat distributors like Smithfield’s in the long run working out cheaper to supposed to weekly stock up of meat at the supermarket, buy a month supply just make sure your freezer has room to keep it fresh this also applies to local fishmongers if you prefer seafood supposed to red meat.

I can understand time is consuming to sit down and read this information, but let me put it bluntly to you, it’s your life and your health were talking about, without that in-tact you would not be able to lead that busy lifestyle you protest daily about, think about it?

Its no wonders top leading supermarkets have its customers by the throat with continuous sales raking by the minute and us consumers are making it happen not realizing our vulnerability to this subject has been picked up and exploited all in the name of gaining money.

Preparing mentally to lead a clean eating lifestyle

Like with anything you start out doing that’s new to one, preparation is the starting key ingredient, this also applies to ‘clean’ eating so if you really have a sweet tooth and love vast amounts of sugar in your coffee or tea focus on wielding your intake lower to not consuming it at all is very important as sugar is a no when leading this lifestyle, this also applies with sugary products like chocolate cakes to fatty oils mainly used in crisp snacks.

Then look at your food cupboards and fridge have a good look at the food you buy is it healthy to keep or could you do without?

Questioning one to why they buy the food choices they choose could surprise you and trigger weak spots that if worked on can be stronger in the long run as reported in several scientific cases with regular eating ‘clean’ & exercise reduces stress levels and wanting an individual to only eat ‘clean’ but nothing but ‘clean’ not only has proven to reduce stress levels dramatically supposed to anti-depressants but also proven to lower cholesterol and many cases beat diabetes type 2.

It’s good to prepare yourself, though this also applies mentally too, so it might just help by writing a note and placing it somewhere so when you wake up it’s the first thing you will see. The note can read quotes like (I will eat clean and only clean) or (I will no longer use sugar in my coffee and tea), basically what applies to you is the main objective the main bit is believing and only you have control.

The clean eating shopping list

After initially getting over the mental barrier and deciding to eat ‘clean’ and having a reality check to choices of past bought food, there should be no processed package food in sight or chocolate, biscuits and fizzy foods.

clean eating for beginners_3

The below table is a beginners ‘clean’ guide to food that should be consume:

Stick to refined carbs: Meats/seafood/vegans Fruit Vegetables Dairy products
Sweet-potatoes:Brown pasta/rice:Plantain(No more package meals) Limit red meat to 1-2 times a week Eat more fruits during the day when more active as they contain natural sugars and nutrients. All vegetables are great to eat and all have different nutrients, up this load as its great for building a strong immune system as well as keeping the body strong Switch from full fat milk to skimmed or even better try almond unsweetened milk
Peppers, mushrooms, Auvergne.Quino is great with grilled vegetables. Always grill meat or steam if cooking fish Dried fruits are fine just make sure they don’t contain vegetable fats organic range is the best Eat more salads, just don’t sprinkle to much dressing as they contains high amounts of fats, try your own sauce a simple one-vinaigrette olive oil and little mustard. Limit fatty yogurt deserts exchange them for raw nuts
Always grill or boil avoid frying Tofu should be cooked in good oils like olive oil or coconut oil avoid fatty fats like vegetable oil. Sprinkle some low fat natural yogurt for more flavor All vegetables should be steamed or boiled avoid frying Drink plenty of water to flush toxins away

The above table serves, as a basic guideline to what should now be on your shopping list and you should be eating.

If your strapped for time, you can always prep food the night before, lets face it if you got time to listen to the local news to your daily soap you have time to prep food, there is no excuses as the only person who will suffer in this case is you and the worst thing you go back to square one making you feel mentally crapier than you started out, so think about that one.

Further more Rome was not built in a day nor will your health or that body you desire, so there’s only one thing left and that’s take back the control, your insides will not only love you for this but mentally you will feel at your sharpest if continued and you interpreted this as a lifestyle not a 5min fad your more than half way there.

Exercise plays a big part so do not be disillusion that clean eating is your answer to that holly grail perfect body, make sure you exercise and regular, after all your heart needs a workout as well as your body.

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