Last time in the first of my body boosting, energy firing, detoxing meals I introduced you to the wonderful merits of Watercress soup. This time, lets try something a bit different…

I happen to love chicken, lets face it, who amongst meat eaters doesn’t?

And I’m a big fan of paprika too. So what’s not to like about grilled paprika chicken?


This is actually a really easy, quick and efficient dish to produce. Chicken, as we know, is a fine healthy meat, while the tremendous properties of garlic and paprika deliver detoxifying and circulation boosting benefits.

Lets take a quick look at paprika and the benefits you may not know about

Great for the skin: full of iron, vitamins and beta-carotene which are great for improving complexion, preventing wrinkles by harnessing vitamin A. It is a great all rounder for general skin health.

Great for you hair: the vitamins and minerals in paprika deliver a whole host of benefits to your hair. The vitamin B6 content helps fight hair loss and also aids production of melanin which helps sustain hair colour.

Great for fighting body aches and pains: such as arthritis thanks to anti-inflammatory properties.

Energy boosting: the iron content help transport oxygen around the body which is key to energy creation. It’s a great natural stimulant and energiser that is just the job when tired and lethargic.

Eye health: vitamin A is essential to good eye health and, as previously mentioned, paprika is loaded with it.

Helps digestion: By boosting stomach acids and saliva this is terrific for boosting this process and fighting indigestion. However if you are on any medication it is always advisable to seek a medical opinion as paprika may interact with it.

healthy paprika recipe_2And when you add such things as cardiovascular benefits, sound sleep, anaemia prevention, wound healing and antibacterial properties, then you can see that the humble paprika is very busy and beneficial indeed!

So back to the meal itself…

Ensure you choose organic chicken. It always tastes better and will be free from chemical residues. Significant quantities of selenium, protein, phosphorous and potassium help to add to its power-packed elements.

And at 175 calories per 100g, organic chicken is a low fat source of slow energy release. Ideal!

So lets have a look at Grilled Paprika Chicken…


Chicken breasts –  4 medium skinned. Cut into cubes

Paprika –  1 good teaspoon

Olive oil –  extra virgin, 2 tablespoons

Garlic –  2 smashed cloves

Lemon –  1. Juice and grate rind

Black pepper –  quantity to taste


1. Into a shallow dish put together the oil, garlic, lemon juice, pepper and paprika.

2. Then add the chicken cubes and stir the whole thing really well together. Ensure everything is coated.

3. Now just place the dish in the fridge and leave for 30 minutes. It is a good idea though to go back to it over this time and spoon the marinade over the chicken again.

4. Now take a grill pan and brush with oil.

5. Lift the chicken pieces out of the mixture (use a draining type spoon for this). Place the chicken on the grill which will be heated to a high temperature.

6. Baste it with the marinade and turn occasionally. 10 minutes should be about right.

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