Bone broth. Ever heard of it?

Do you think it sounds even vaguely appealing? Well it has become something of a new wellness craze, so let me enlighten you…

The bone broth movement is gaining traction. You can even buy it from a cafe window in New York instead of your daily coffee. But what exactly  is bone broth? Bone broth is made from boiled bones and leftover cuts of meat. Doesn’t sound too amazing does it? So why are people queuing around the block for it and magazines and website devoting huge column inches to it?


The truth is bone broth is a traditional recipe, it’s about as rustic as you get and is not a new thing at all. Your grandma’s grandma probably had a pot boiled in her kitchen every week. It harks back to a time when we understood the nutritional value of unadulterated food and its helping properties and we were keen not to waste it.

Bone broth has been used to fight colds, flu and ill health for decades.

Its various nutrients are easily absorbed making this a good option for the sick. Chicken broth, in particular, is known to have restorative properties. It is rich in amino acids that help to thin mucus and fight viruses.

Chicken soup is often referred to as a ‘poorly food’ and there is some foundation behind this. But we’re not talking about the tinned variety here. This is the real deal! So when you feel a cold coming on this winter put some chicken bones on the stove.

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Gut and Psychology Syndrome Protocol

In more recent years broth has become a staple of those following the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Protocol devised by Dr Natasha Campbell Mc Bride. This protocol focuses on restoring good digestive function to affect other system in the body. It is used to help those with autism, depression and also auto-immune conditions.

The broth  provides easily absorbed nutrients and this is key to the body. It is also used as a digestive aid and to provide amino acids to help seal the gut wall. This repairing of the gut wall is a crucial part of restoring health and broth certainly is able to play a key role.

But who drinks it?

Today’s advocates of bone broth don’t just include people with illness or chronic health issues. Fitness fanatics with sleek physiques are also using this traditional recipe. They enjoy the effect that bone broth has on their looks. Their hair, skin and nails all benefit from the cartilage-rich food. It also aids recovery from intense training sessions by providing amino acids for muscle repair and good levels of magnesium to replenish stores lost through sweat.

You can make a batch of broth at the weekend and store it in the fridge for use during the week or freeze it for use over the longer term. It can be drunk alone or used as a base for soups, stews, or in stir-fries or gravy. Finding ways to incorporate bone broth into your diet will boost your health and well-being immensely. If you haven’t tried it already, go try it now!

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