1. Carbonated drinks.

Though the effects of these kinds of drinks are very fast acting and last only a few hours, the air infused during the carbonation process can cause gas buildup. That buildup leads to discomfort, bloating, and gas!

2. Sugar-free gum, candy, and desserts.

Because of the sugar alcohols in these foods are not easily digested leaving them to be feasted on by bacteria in your gut which leads to increased gas production and bloating.

3. Broccoli and cabbage.

bloating foods to avoid2

The bloat caused by this class of vegetables is less to do with their high fiber content and more to do with the nondigestible carbohydrates they contain.

Although supplements like Bean-o provides your body with enzymes that make these carbs easier to digest, reducing the amount of how much you eat in one setting could be enough to eliminate the occurrence of bloating.

4. Dairy foods.

Due to the malabsorption of lactose, a sugar in dairy products, a person’s ability to digest lactose is on a sliding scale and the amount of lactose in products can vary greatly.

Because of the many variables involved in dairy products, it may take a while to determine your own level of intolerance and how much you can consume.

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