Healthy eating is mostly associated with wanting to lose weight or to prevent disease. Following a Healthy Eating routine can help you become happier, healthier, fitter, stronger and sexier, but there are other benefits of healthy eating and why should we know about them that are overlooked.

1, Your taste buds change.

When choosing to eat healthy, can change the way you taste food and even your choice of food. Your tongue is a good indicator of how healthy you are, relating to different systems and functions in the body:  a weak digestion, low spleen performance, stress levels, deficiency in vitamins and even stagnation in the liver. The benefits of eating healthily may be seen by the tongue becoming cleaner looking, your mouth becomes healthier, fresher and so your taste buds will change how they respond to the information from the food… How it tastes. Detox the your taste bud by using Fruits and vegetables that come from healthy soil to plate quickly, shop “local” often means more delicious tasting too.


2, Improved Sleep Patterns

Caffeine can stay in our bodies for up to 8hours after we have consumed it, switch to water, herbal coffee or tea. Eat a sleep inducing lunch; foods containing nutrients including tryptophan, melatonin and magnesium, high-quality proteins and complex carbohydrates.

3, Sharper brain Function

When choosing to gain the benefits of healthy eating, the brain certainly gets clarity. Dropping the processed foods for eating fruit and vegetables, especially if a raw selection is digested, has a clearing effect on the brain and mind; concentration is better, making decisions easier some of my clients have found they see the world in a different way, taking time to “smell the roses” the brain fog lifts.

4, Increased Energy Levels

People think they don’t have to time to prepare healthy foods, you don’t have to go all gourmet, keep it simple, taste the food your are eating and feel the energy boost from it, those fries lay very heavy and

may hinder your body’s functioning.  Fruit and vegetables Produce can also loses its nutritional value as it travels, so fewer miles could equal nutritional benefits for you too, sources local or even grow your own.

5, Body System more Efficient at Protection, Repair and Rejuvenation.

The trillions of cells in our body’s are the true source of our health, needing nutrition to grow and reproduce, the benefits of eating healthily help the cells with defending and protection as well as exercising its particular function in the body.

6, Brighter Younger Looking Skin Fresher Smelling Skin

The more colour on your plate the more antioxidants you will consume. Healthy gut walls can greatly reduced bloating and diarrhea. More importantly your immune system is located in your gut, an unbalanced gut, as well as the obvious, can result in eczema, rosacea and very unpleasant smelling skin especially feet.


  7, Helps Balance Hormones

Hormones and Antibiotics are heavily used in meats and diary product industry. These can unbalance our hormone levels, systems and pathways which may affect our; reproductive systems, skin, mood swings and confidence, along with our ability to cope with stress.

8, Reduced addiction and cravings of foods and hidden chemicals

Easily digested carbohydrates that are found in sweet, sugary and starchy foods feed your unfriendly bacteria so increase your cravings, get your microorganisms in perfect balance. The hidden chemicals in food; from mercury in your seafood to pesticides in produce, may be aggressing and unbalancing our bodies, with an understanding of how  each element of our meals is grown and sourced, may go a long way to minimizing your addictions and cravings for foods.

9, Reduced allergies or sensitivities

Many highly processed foods are full on toxins of which our bodies do not recognise as food so causing more stress on our internal systems this may result in increased amount allergies and sensitivities.

10, Reduce the green house emissions.

World benefits of eat healthily may have an incredible impact. A recent American study has shown that if people switched from eating beef to a healthier chicken option that greenhouses gases can be reduced by up to 137 million metric tons of carbon –  a possible equivalent of 26 million cars off the road.

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