I have to admit, avocados weren’t always a favorite food of mine. Growing up, avocados were a staple at the dinner table, yet I couldn’t get over the dinosaur egg shape and green inside to add it to my plate. And, boy was I missing out!  Avocados are an awesome super food that NEEDS to be on your plate.

Avocados are actually a member of the berry family, but I suppose due to its green color is thought of as a vegetable.  They are not a vegetable but they complete other veggies and dishes nicely.

As a super food, avocados offer nearly 20 vitamins and minerals per serving, including potassium, lutein, folate, several B vitamins, vitamins C and E and phytonutrients.


They are full of healthy monounsaturated fats and filling fiber.

Although a healthy addition to salads, sandwiches, condiments, smoothies and desserts, portions should be kept in check.  Remember because its healthy doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you’d like. An ounce of avocado has about 50 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.

And anyone that has been around a bowl of guacamole knows how quickly those ounces can add up!

Although, known for that delicious side to tortilla chips, avocados are much more than that.  Avocados can be used in more ways than just in a dip. Its creamy texture lends itself nicely as a healthy sandwich topping as opposed to cheese or mayonnaise.

When sliced and diced, avocados offer a nice texture to salads of any kind, toss with your greens, quinoa or brown rice. And when blended, avocados provide a smooth texture and healthy fat as an alternative to bananas in a smoothie.

Even baked goods can benefits from the soft, creamy texture and high water content of avocados while servings a vegetarian replacement for animal products such as butter and dairy.

Here are a few of my favorite avocado recipes.


Avocado recipes made easy with these tasty ideas2

One of my favorite condiments! I can eat this on just about anything!  But watch out for the tortilla chips. Spread it on grilled meats or veggies after cooking for some extra flavor. Or use in place of mayo, cheese on your favorite sandwich, wrap or burger.

– 8oz Fresh Hass Avocados, seeded, peeled, cut in chunks
– 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
– 1/2 small sweet white onion, minced
– 1 small jalapeño, minced (if desired)
– 1-2 tbsp fresh cilantro chopped
– Salt and pepper, to taste

Mash avocado with lemon juice, salt & pepper. Stir in onion, jalapeño and cilantro.  Top with cilantro for garnish and enjoy!

Egg & Avocado Sandwich

This makes a great breakfast, lunch or light dinner.

– 1-2 whole eggs
– 1-2 Sprouted bread
– Avocado or guacamole (maybe some leftover from above)
– Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare eggs as desired (I like mine hardboiled and sliced or scrambled). Toast bread and Instead of butter on my toast, I use avocado slices or leftover guacamole as a spread.

Shrimp and Avocado Salad

– 1lb cooked shrimp, cut into chunks
– 8 ounces ripe avocado, cut into chunks
– 1/4 cup chopped red onion
– 1tbsp olive oil
– 1tbsp cilantro, chopped
– Fresh lime juice (to taste)
– Salt & pepper (to taste)

Combine all ingredients together, add cilantro and gently toss. Adjust lime juice, salt & pepper to taste. Serve over mixed greens.

Avocado is not only tasty and nutritious but versatile too! Pick one up at the grocery store and add to your next meal, smoothie or baked goods. You’ll be so glad you did!

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