I am forever scouring for recipes, amending and adapting them to make them more nutrient dense while also ensuring they are affordable, quick and easy to make (well, within reason).

Here are my top 6 favourite apple-recipes that most of you should be able to make.

The bonus is that you can experiment to make it your own. So go on, have a go and let me know how you got on!


1. Apple-Kale Protein Smoothie

Best eaten as a post-work out snack or just before.

(Serves 1)


– 1/2 an apple, chopped roughly
– 1/2 a ripe avocado
– A large handful of raw kale, chopped roughly
– A small handful of mixed nuts and seeds (i.e. cashews, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin and flaxseeds) or choice of protein powder (30g)
– 1 large cup of unsweetened almond or coconut milk (250g approx)


1. Add to a quality blender and blitz till you have achieved a smooth consistency


– To create a breakfast smoothie you should consider adding in 1 small cup of oats and an extra half a cup of milk to bulk this out.

– For weight loss goals, omit the nuts and seeds and the avocado, but instead use a quality Whey protein powder the other half of the apple for a lower glycemic (sugar) load.

To create a super anti-inflammatory smoothie:

– Opt for walnuts and flaxeed mixture as they are higher in Omega 3

– Add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder or raw turmeric root

– Plus 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive added after blitzing

2. Apple and Dates Cinnamon Sauce

Served best with porridge for breakfast

(Serves 4-6 as an applesauce)


– 2 apples roughly chopped
– 2 – 4 dates roughly chopped
– 3 cups of filtered water (approx)
– 1 bsp of ground cinnamon powder
– Optional 2 tbsp of chia seeds


1. Transfer the fruit and water into a pan and heat until boiling point then simmer on low for 15 – 20 minutes

2. Add more water if needed or to desired consistency

3. Add chia seeds and cinnamon powder at the ends

4. Mix thoroughly and allow to cool


– Make this sauce in advance and refrigerate, will last up to 5 days.

– Eat with oat porridge for breakfast, or with probiotic yoghurt to make it naturally sweet.

3. Apple-Slaw

Served best as a salad with meat balls or lamb kofta, or as a side dish with roast chicken.

(Serves 4 – 6)


– 1/3 head of white cabbage – such as Savoy
– 1/3 head of red cabbage
– 2 medium carrots
– 1 apple – a cooking apple or Braeburn will do
– 1/4 red onion
– A good handful of walnuts or pumpkin seeds or both (50g approx)

Nutrient-Dense Apple Recipes_2Dressing

– 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
– 6 tbsp of full fat probiotic or natural yoghurt
– 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
– Season with 1/2 tsp Himalayan Salt
– 1/2 tsp ground or cracked black pepper
– Optional 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
– Optional 2 tsp agave nectar or honey
– Optional 2 tbsp shredded mint


1. Thinly slice or shred the cabbage, apple, carrot and red onion. You can also use a mandolin if preferred then transfer to a large bowl.

2. Chop the walnuts

3. In a separate bowel assemble all the dressing, season till you are happy and mix with a fork

4. Add the dressing to the salad

5. Sprinkle the nut and seed mixture at the last minute


Measurements for ingredients and the dressing are approximate, you should therefore experiment to find the balance that tastes just right for you!

4. Apple, Parsnip and Coariander Soup

(Serves 4 – 6)


– 2-4 tbsp of coconut butter OR 3 tbsp of olive oil
– 2 onions, chopped roughly
– 4 green apples such as Granny Smiths, chopped into rough chunks
– 6 medium sized parsnips, cut into small cubes (they take longer than apples to cook)
– 2 garlic cloves, crushed
– Spice – 1 tbsp of Indian Garram Masala powder (available from most supermarket stores)
– Liquid – 1 litre of organic vegetable or chicken stock
– Liquid – 150 ml of coconut or almond milk (not tinned)
– Seasoning – 1 level tsp of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt
– Seasoning – 1/2 tsp of ground black pepper
– Herbs of choice – generous handful of freshly chopped coriander


1. Fry the onions and parsnips in a deep pan with the butter or oil on low-medium heat for 15 minutes (approx)

2. Add garlic, apples, cook for another 5 minutes

3. Add the spice and mix through

4. Immediately afterwards, add the stock and coconut milk – bring to a boil, then simmer gently for 20 minutes (approx)

5. Season to taste

6. Blitz using a blender (I find a handheld blender is most convenient here)

7. Return to pan and heat through. Finish off with fresh herbs and splash of lemon.


Experiment with spices:

– To make a European version – use dry oregano or Italian herbs

– To make an alternative spicy version – you can experiment with curry powder or make your own spicy blend and add to the soup!

– Experiment with vegetables: instead of parsnip, such as pumpkin, squash or sweet potato.

– Experiment with herbs: instead of coriander use parsley, rosemary, oregano etc.

5. Apple Cider Mocktail – give yourself a healthy treat!

Served best chilled with ice

(Serves 1)


– 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar with mother (this is the unrefined, unpasteurised version)
– 100ml of fresh apple juice or juice an apple yourself
– 100ml of water (7 ounces approx)
– 4-6 drops of liquid stevia vanilla (available from Amazon)
– A sprinkling of cinnamon
– 2-3 ice cubes
– Optional mint – 1 tbsp worth


1. Transfer all the ingredients to a tall glass except the ice, thoroughly mix it.

2. Serve chilled, with ice.

To learn more about the health benefits of apples, read 10 Reasons to Eat an Apple A Day and connect with Expert Shevonne Francis Norman.

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