This might sound really daft, but for some reason people really don’t like doing what is probably the most important single factor in staying healthy –  keeping yourself hydrated!

Human beings lose three litres of water per day just by being alive.  We do get water from food but this will not be enough to properly sustain us. Then when you  add movement and physical exercise into the mix and we are in desperate need of water not to mention any diuretics you drink like alcohol, coffee, tea that actually dehydrate you.

Here are a few points about water and its effects on the body


-Keeps mucosal membranes from drying out (eyes, mouth, nose, etc)
-Comprises at least ¾ of the bodies total mass
-Essential for optimal bowl movements
Increases absorption of nutrients
-Maintain optimal temperature
-Optimal circulation
-Cellular reproduction
-Vital role in waste removal
-Primary conduit for delivery of all nutrients and messages throughout the body
-Cell growth and repair
-We can live weeks without food but only a few days without water

Why drink water_2

Dehydration causes

-Skin disorders
-Bladder problems
-Kidney problems
Pre mature aging
-Joint pain
-Weight gain
-Food intolerances
-High cholesterol

Need more reasons to drink water?

Well if that wasn’t enough water is also a key component in energy transfer within cells in fact dehydration can literally decrease our ability to gain electrons from food, causing us to need to eat more to get the same result.

Electron transfer within cells is key to fulling our mitochondria and our mitochondria are tremendously important when it comes down to health of not only the cell but our whole body.

Of course a lack of water is not the only cause of dehydration but it’s a small thing we can all do much better with little to no effort.

What else causes dehydration?

-Over exposure to blue light
-Poor sleep
-Temperature control
-Electromagnetic frequency’s

These are a few big factors in dehydration and these interwoven topics can have a full 1000 word article about each of them individually and still not tell the whole story. For today I’m only going to cover the basic practical things you can do to help you improve your health.

-Drink 3 litres of water each day
-Avoid blue light 30-90 mins before bed (phone lap top, T.V) you can buy glasses to help block blue light
Get out in the sun light as much as possible especially in the mornings (this helps set your circadian rhythms)
-Walk around bare foot on earth or grass whenever possible
-Put your phone down and away from you as much as possible
-Cold showers in the morning (if you can bare it)

Water really and truly is the essence of life

We can go weeks without food (though I don’t recommend you try it) but the body can barely go days without proper hydration. And in terms of your nutrition, diet and general intake – then it is surely the easiest to adhere to. There is bottled water or tap water withing yards of us at pretty much any given moment!

There is no excuse not to hydrate properly and enjoy the life sustaining benefits!


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