Are you fit? Are you training hard? Are you pushing on hard in your sessions even through slumps of fatigue and physical niggles? Are you taking your supplements, your vitamins and re-fuelling yourself? Do you know which would provide the body with the most energy? Congratulations, you must be on fine form! Or are you?

Would you know if your body was in overload? Where is the warning light on your dashboard and would you recognise it if it went off?

More often than not people are toxic and don’t even know it

Working so many years in the fitness industry I’ve come across some hard task exercisers, dedicated trainers and for all their efforts, they are not the sparky examples of health that we’d expect.

Despite frustrations with slow progress gains they just train harder without questioning why their body is less responsive.

The fact is that toxicity impedes the body from responding at its optimum level. It is the same as never changing the oil in your car and expecting a smooth running engine, or using pure alcohol instead of petrol to gain more power.

The latter will work in the short term but will eventually melt the engine, and the former will result in gradual seizure.

So, to keep our energy levels nice and high, the adrenal system comes to the rescue and allows us to continue with our athletic expectations.

Not for long though. Once the adrenals kick in a series of warning signals occur. The digestive tract’s ability to absorb nutrients is the first to flounder and leaves the body ill equipped to fight off the growth of abnormal cells.

Moods, poor motivation, bad elimination and cravings for food types like bread, pasta and other simple carbohydrates are other signals.

The temptation at this point is to reach for supplements or topical treatments to knock these irritations on the head. But symptoms are a sign of something more menacing going on which the body needs to expel. Don’t go putting masking tape over your warning lights!

The body’s regeneration rate is fast

For example your stomach lining is new every 5 days, your skin every 6 weeks, even the skeleton is new after 3 months. Like the sound of this? We could be nearly new by winter!

Bearing this in mind, it may be time to re-write our mental approach to our health and habits. If the cells are giving us this much opportunity to rejuvenate and improve our glow, let’s give them all the help we can.

If you’d like your body to respond to all your concerted efforts, be kind to it and start with clearing and nourishing your digestive tract.

I met a lady not so long ago who sparkled energy from the inside out. She was all health and glow and her secret was something that mankind has benefited from for 4000 years : Aloe Vera.

I can already answer to all of these information except requirements_2Benefits of Aloe Vera

Now here is something that rebuilds you from the inside to out. Further impressive testimonials lead me to start my own research on this therapeutic plant.

Aloe contains as much as 75 of the 90 ingredients the body needs every day for optimum condition. I have longed for the day when I could dump the expense of costly vitamins, especially amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks for protein and out of the twenty-two that exist, our diets require eight to avoid deficiency. Aloe Vera contains 20 (including seven of those vital eight) and is also rich in minerals, a wide range of vitamins, and some authorities suggest it is one of the few plants to contain B12.

On top of all this it has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties. Extracted correctly, this is an extremely human and animal friendly produce.

Go to your local health shop and you will find a minefield of advertising, yet unless you understand nutrition how do you know what to buy? The body can’t even break down some supplements so they are a wasted expense for starters.

Investigating Aloe Vera further, I found that the quality of the source is important as there are over 300 plant species but only a handful have medicinal properties. Although their prices may be alluring, many Aloe products and drinks are also diluted immensely and not particularly beneficial to wallet or body.

But if you are prepared to dig around a bit you will find great Aloe Vera products that are the real deal. A daily swig of the Aloe juice on an empty stomach has been known to clear up toxicity related complaints such as eczema, colitis, asthma, cramps, IBS and headaches ( just to name a few ).

It also appears to help other wear and tear types of arthritis such as osteo-arthritis. Almost all people notice an increase in their energy levels by taking the gel too.

Promoting healthy cell growth and reducing viral load is part of Aloe’s natural healing quality and this will allow you to train and build your body efficiently and safely.

Remember: 98% of the total number of atoms in your body are replaced yearly. Think of this as you train, and look after your insides as they will help you improve your outsides!

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