Do you worry about the colour of your urine and what it means? And really why should we even care?

A lot of what we ingest comes out of the body in the form of fluids and toxins, and the look and odour is largely dependent on what we eat, drink and how the body functions which is why we need to pay attention.

The colour of your urine is a clear sign of not only hydration, but also how well certain organs are functioning. Kidney, liver, bladder, urethra, and prostate problems may change the color of a person’s urine. Urinary tract infections will do this as well.


Here’s how things work in the body:

Blood is filtered through your kidneys, where waste, minerals, salts, sugars, and other chemical by-products are removed. Some sugars are reabsorbed into the blood that remains in the kidneys.

Everything else is moved out in the form of urine, which passes through your urinary tract and out through the urethra.

Okay, that’s the process understood…so what should your urine look like?

Pale straw colour

This is the normal urine color of a healthy, well-hydrated body. This is what it should look like.

Transparent or clear

You should always be properly hydrated, but you can actually drink too much water, which will make your urine virtually colorless.

You may want to cut back on the amount of water you drink, tune in to your body and listen to what it’s telling you and how it feels.

Dark yellow

You’re normal but you will need to rehydrate soon. You should probably start sipping water more regularly.

Amber or honey colour

Your body isn’t getting enough water, start drinking right away.

Brown or maple syrup colour

You could be suffering from severe dehydration or liver disease.

Rehydrate and see your doctor if it persists.

Pink to reddish colour

Have you’ve been eating red-pigmented foods like beetroot, rhubarb, or blueberries? If yes, then you’re probably fine.

If not, you may have blood in your urine. This can be transitory or it could be a sign of something more complicated: a urinary tract (UTI) or kidney infection; kidney stones or kidney disease; or cancer of the kidney, bladder or prostate.

Bottom line, don’t mess around if you see urine with a reddish tint and you haven’t eaten any of the mentioned foods. Go see your doctor to get it checked out.

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Blue or green colour

There is a rare genetic disease that can turn your urine blue or green.

Certain bacteria can infect the urinary tract and discolor your urine but it may also be food dye from something you ate or medication. If this continues, see your doctor straight away.

Foamy or fizzy

If it only happens on occasion, then it’s just a cool hydraulic effect—you’ve got a good flow going. But if it carries on, it could indicate high protein in your urine, which you may need to get checked by your doctor.

Keep an eye on colours

It is important to consider the colour of your urine and what it is telling you about hydration. How many of us can honestly say our urine is the colour of “transparent yellow” or even “pale straw colour”? Not many.

Lack of hydration leads to a whole host of health problems, and fixing it could be as simple as drinking water consistently throughout the day, and drinking enough. In truth, most of us do not drink enough water or even know how much we should drink.

Adjustments to make

Best thing is to stay hydrated continuously. Take a bottle of filtered water everywhere you go, sip through the day and pay attention to how your body feels. Only you can tell how much water your body needs to stay hydrated.

Reduce caffeinated drinks as they can be quite dehydrating as well as sugary drinks. Next time you go to pee, check out the colour to see how you’re doing and what adjustments you need to make.

Peace & fabulous health!

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