Ah, ‘tis the season to overindulge

Here in the States we’re just getting over stuffing our faces for Thanksgiving and Chrismahannukwanzakah is on the horizon! That means holiday partiesprior to the actual holidays, and holiday feasts on the day(s) of the actual holidays we celebrate. Did you know that the average American gains SEVEN pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years? Bah, humbug!

The First Resolution

And what is THE No.1 New Year’s Resolution so many in the industrialized world make? Altogether now: “I’m going to lose weight and get into shape this year.” So gyms around the world will be booming in January 2016, raking in the cash on Holiday sales and an abundance of new, incredibly discounted memberships. But what ends up happening? Come March, the regulars are still coming, but the vast majority of the New Years resolutionists disappear.

Why does this happen?

As a Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Professional, I can tell you firsthand: It’s the several 1,000 weight loss myths there are out there. You know – That NEW impossible-to-sustain fad diet that the media is stressing you to follow, that NEW fitness DVD that’s all over those infomercials you watch in the middle of the night (don’t lie!) that will only get you results for three months, and that NEW supplement line that makes you replace a REAL meal with liquid garbage. So let’s dive into these different areas and review the three most common myths about weight loss. My hope is that after you’ve read this article, you actually stick to your New Year’s Resolution and make fitness and nutrition a permanent priority in your life.

Common Myth #1: I have to count calories and watch my portions in order to lose weight

WRONG! God, this is so wrong. I can’t stress enough how WRONG this weight loss myth is. Here’s the deal, You can’t possibly have an accurate number on either how many calories you burn or how many calories you consume. Let’s look at MyFitnessPal for a second; Type in the food ‘apple.’ How many different types, sizes and calorie options do you see? And how do you know that every ‘Large Gala Apple’ is actually 80 calories? What if the apple you’re looking for is larger than the apple that’s in there? Or smaller? How do you even know how large the apple that’s in MyFitnessPal is?

Then we have calories burned

weight loss myths_2Sure, Polar Watches with the chest wrap can provide relatively accurate (but not precise) measurements of your heart rate, but the number of calories that watch is telling you you’ve burned is based on your height, weight, gender and a myriad of other factors you put into the watch when you first set it up. Here’s a scientific truth: EVERYBODY BURNS CALORIES AT A DIFFERENT RATE! You can take two 30-year-old women, who are 5’5” and 130 lbs, and I can guarantee you that if we put them through the same exact workout, one would burn more calories than the other. Why? Because one is going to be better suited to completing that particular workout than the other, and thus she won’t have to work as hard to complete it. Plus, even taking this experiment into account, the Polar Watch isn’t 100% accurate with its heart rate measurements, so this is only a guesstimation anyway.

Portion control

On another note with calorie counting and portion control, how many times have you eaten too many calories too early in the day, and essentially starved yourself for the remainder of that day because you were over your daily ‘calorie limit?’ When I tried calorie counting that happened to me almost every day. This is perhaps the most powerful reason why calorie counting and portion control is a weight loss myth – It’s NOT sustainable! When you get to the weight/body composition you want through this methodology, is there any chance you’re going to be calorie counting for the rest of your life? The real answer: HELL NO! It’s time we stop with the smoke-and-mirrors show of counting calories and watching our portions. These are all guesstimations that do nothing more than provide a temporary fix. Instead focus on quality over quantityForget about calories! Only worry about portions when you’re eating garbage. Believe me, you know what that is! A short, general list of garbage foods includes: Fried foods, pizza, alcohol and sweets. So what’s a High Quality Food? Glad you asked…

Eat Organic!

We want to keep the foods we eat ORGANIC – or at the very least, antibiotic, hormone, pesticide, herbicide and GMO free. Long story short: Conventional produce (at least conventional produce here in the USA) is sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, with the residue of these toxic chemicals remaining on (and sometimes within) the fruit or vegetable. When we ingest this crop, we are ingesting a little bit of poison every time. Do you want RoundUp with your dinner? Didn’t think so. Here’s the short list of what foods should comprise your diet: Meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.  Totally stole this quote from Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit, who asks CrossFitters to follow a variation of either the Paleo or the Zone Diets. I personally am more Paleo, as I listen to my body. This leads me into Common Weight Loss Myth # 2… Connect with Expert Peter Weintraub

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