The male vitamin deficiency

In this era, it is almost impossible for people to eat foods that grant them all the nutrients they need and at the ideal quantities.

Recent research shows that men, in particular, are unable to get enough vitamins.


This means that more and more men have vitamin deficiencies. The inability to get these vitamins from food has led to the sprouting of multivitamins.

These are vitamin supplements that are in the form of tablets or liquid and are taken with meals to complement the nutrient intakes.

If you get the best multivitamin, it should be able to give you a variety of vitamins that are essential for your body. Thus helping you bridge the deficiency gap.

Looking after the body

People in the US, particularly men, are registering vitamin deficiencies. Here are the main reasons why:

1. This is due to the unavailability of foods that give these vitamins or just the sheer ignorance about healthy eating.

2. The latter is the major cause as very few people take a keen interest on just how balanced their meals are.

I mean, who has the time to get a meal with carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins together?

Why bother when you can just stop by a fast food joint and get fed?  Isn’t the importance of food just to get a full stomach and to get rid of those annoying rumblings?

Depriving yourself of vital vitamins

This is even worse if you are a man with a full-time job and a family to take care of, you just don’t have the time. Though you might try and justify your bad eating, it is still wrong.

It can deprive you of the following vitamins:

1. Vitamin K

This is a vital vitamin that helps avert calcium build up along blood vessel walls. This reduces the risk of having blocked arteries and consequently blood pressure related complications.

It is derived from foods like broccoli, fermented cheese and pumpkins.

Most men are registering a deficiency in vitamin K because these foods are not very common.

I mean, when was the last time you ate a pumpkin or broccoli? For most they’re not everyday or even every week food items.

However, with the numerous multivitamins in the market you can always get an ample supply of this vitamin and escape the risk of blocked blood vessels.

2. Vitamin D

vitamin deficiency_2This vitamin helps in the absorption of calcium for stronger bones and muscles.

For the longest time, people have assumed that this vitamin is only important for small babies who need to run away from rickets. However men also need it in abundance because it frees protein-bound testosterone and keeps their bones strong.

Men are likely to get vitamin D deficiency because the sun is not always up and we cannot expect the vitamin D produced during summer to last all year round.

Again, with most people working on a full-time basis inside buildings, it is almost impossible to get time to bask in the sun.

You honestly cannot reschedule a vital meeting just to bask, it would be absurd. However, you can also get it from eggs, milk and orange juice.

Multivitamins can also help boost these levels.

3. Vitamin B12

This is the vitamin responsible for the formation of red blood cells. It is gotten from food like milk and cheese.

When taken in good amounts, it reduces the risk of depression and promotes good mental health. Also it will also help reduce the lactic acid formed after workouts.

Now, the amounts accruing from milk and cheese and milk intake cannot possibly be enough.

Again, with the healthy eating habits coming up daily, some men are likely to avoid these foods. A combination of all these factors leads to a deficiency.

However, this can be rectified through the taking of supplements in the form of multivitamins.

4. Vitamin C

This vitamin helps maintain testosterone levels in the body. It is mainly found in fruit and vegetables.

Its lack in many men can be attributed to the disinterest many folks have towards veggies.

And considering that five servings of fruits and veggies are not enough to give the vitamin C you need, it is then clear that you are almost never to hit the recommended levels without the aid of supplements.

5. Vitamin B6

This vitamin is particularly easy to be deprived of because it is water soluble thus is not stored in the body. This means that its reservoir has to be frequently refilled.

It is in this light that foods like beans, chicken and green vegetables have to be taken in high amounts.


Based on research, it is clear that most men are not getting enough vitamins. These are vitamins that are essential for them to remain healthy.

This can be as a result of lack of the foods that provide these vitamins and/or sheer ignorance.

However, multivitamins have become life savers as a single pop a day can be all you need. These multivitamins should not be relied on to make up for a bad diet and it is advisable to seek an expert’s advice to avert side effects.

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